War Vol. II - Anata Vs Bethzaida tracks



I am amused, your mind is seduced
Desire profane
Open to me, let your mind fly free
Put all your confidence in me
Come to me
Just let me in, you'll carry me deep within

Child of broken wings, I bring you down
I show you the world in my eyes
I become an obsession in your mind
You cannot escape from me

I am your savior
Come to me
Let me become your fallen Messiah
Behold what my powers hold
Bow deep before me
Let me receive your loyalty
Learn to serve and deserve me
You sold your soul and your flesh is mine
So bow deep before me

I stand watching the tide as it washes away
Last trace of innocence
Of lost virginity
Meet and join beyond realms of reality
I swear I'll never let you go

I take your soul, surrender to me
Wounded from the inside
You shall bleed
Open mouth, suffocating
All you ever wanted is here
I set you free
I have nestled into your body and soul

I pleased you in every way
My will burns in your flesh
Return the favor, please me now
Orgasmic paroxysm
As you die

Eternally breeding me
Give birth to creations to live in me
The seeds are sown
The crop I reap
Join with the harvested souls I keep


World full of promises, full of lies
Enter insanity!
God will be destroyed and so will you
And all of you who pray for me

Images forlorn
Lost in the chains of the deity
Weak my senses are
I listen to my instinct's call
With insight I'm rising up
Rid of weakening sympathy
New world visions stare at me
The blindfold's off
You can't fool me now

God ends not my life
Never touched me
I end it all
And with me you shall fall

Images pass my eyes
We're born into a world of slavery
Rise with me, come rule our fate
The time is right
God of lie descend

Urge to change the past
By eliminating its future
Illogical but making sense
Contradictive supremacy

United we stand
Stronger than strength
As conquerors of mankind's fate
Is our gathered hate

God is in his followers
But drained of him alone they stand
Now you've said your last prayer for me
Now it's plain to see
Who's fooling who

Enter insanity...


A call to take your hand
For I'm at one with the dark
How dare you come for me
And again you must die

So ancient curse known to me
Behold the powers I unleash
Upon your throne
Know my words, feel my hate descend

Lord of light
I will swarm against you now
Gods perverse
Wickeds at my side
Thorns to lance your every word
Now I crown you king in pain



Darkness now surrounding me
I gaze into eternity
A burden I had to endure
For a heart that was unpure
A feeling of tranquility
At last my soul would be set free
But the last thought in my mind
A memory of faded crimes

The wrath of darkness in your eyes
I see it as I cry
A wicked laughter, betraying smile
I knew my life to be a lie

Night I am awaiting thee
Soon I will cease to be
A life so long, a life of pain
An evil side I could not tame
A feeling of tranquility
At last my soul would be set free
Regretting now but it's too late
I step forth to meet my fate

"I see your hand, a palm so white
I dream of day, here's forever night
I know that I will never see
The realms beyond, they are not for me"


I offered you my world to have, my kingdom to explore
I gave you warmth and shelter against the raging snow
My dark love was rejected, too bad you could not see
That love lasts eternally and we were ment to be

Your tears cannot move me, I am delighted by your cries
As blood runs down from your chest, I am smiling as you die
Though my eyes are red and wet, this is my greatest thrill
If I cannot have you then no-one ever will

I welcome you home one last time
To greet you goodbye with a knife in my hand

Steel so sharp against tender flesh
River of blood flowing down her chest
Metal blade carving up her skin
As one life ends a new one begins

Anger of Cain raging in my head
Again and again, she is soon to be dead
Tears in her eyes, I hope she can hear
my "goodbye, you have nothing to fear"


Once so mighty I was aeons ago
I would make thunder roar and lava flow
Times do pass, moments do wither and fade
Man do forget the memories of my glorious days

Forever to live in purgatory's darkness
Blend in with the low-life among this putrid mess
Some praise my name, they do not know
I changed it millennia ago

Pestillence will spread across Earth
Death to the first set to birth
Snow-covered the ground shall remain
As yet another life I do reclaim

Fire from the ground to the sky
No place to hide, nowhere in safety to lie
Expelled again, myself to blame
Now I am never to return from whence I came


Drick ur ditt glas, se doden pa dig vantar,
Slipar sitt svard och vid din troskel star.
Bliv ej forskrackt, han blott pa gravdorn glantar,
Slar den igen, kanske an pa ett ar.
Movitz, din lungsot den drar dig i graven.
Knapp nu oktaven:
Stam dina strangar, sjung om livets var!

Himmel, du dor, din hosta mig forskracker;
Tomhet och klang, inalvorna ge ljud;
Tungan ar vit, det radda hjartat klacker,
Mjuk som en svamp ar sena, marg och hud.
Andas! - Fy tusan, vad dunst ur din aska!
Lan mig din flaska!
Movitz, gutar! Skal! Sjung om vinets gud!

Na sa gutar! Dig Bacchus avsked bjuder,
Fran Frojas tron du sista vinken far.
Omt till dess lov det lilla blodet sjuder,
Som nu med vald ur dina adror gar.
Sjung, las och glom, tank, begrat och begrunda!
Skull' du astunda
Annu en falsup? Vill du do? - Nej, gutar!


Blood boils under azure skies
A man astray, obsessed in his search
Exploring vast lands
Deserts of sand and stone
Now heading for the open sea
Where his dreams are at
And his mind is set free

The scornful sun burns, tears his skin
The salt breeze tears his open eyes
And the whirling sand will dry his throat
But the journey must go on
He found his call, he is now a slave
On the mission to find his soul
And eternity seems ever so deep
And with every wish
The distance seems to grow

And then at least
Somewhere by the horizon line
The ocean lies mighty, calm and wide
And just when all his strength was gone
And all his hope was lost
His will was strong
And all that remained but his torn limbs
Covered by dust

Reaching for the distant shore
He raises to his feet but falls
When his feet are sore
A painful effort like a grain of sand
Malicious god gives him hand
A hand that beats him to the ground
And the cry for help echoes
Without a sound
Out of reach are all the visions
About his mind set free
The sun laughs as he kneels
Before his destiny

When ages of burning energy
Flows through a peerless body
And you experience strength
Far beyond what you would never know
Is when you realize that what counts
In the end is the journey itself
So with a smile let your struggle in pain
Be crowned by death

An eternity in the moment
Is when silence screams with emptiness
And when I felt relief
Was when the tide washed away
The blood of my broken limbs