Warblast tracks





In command, strategically overlooking the master plan
A force of hate, we will wield the final blow, to war we go
Across the field, moving fast to kill at last
Show no mercy, take no prisoners, see the blood flow
Death will come as fire.
The instruments of pain are moving in effect on the lines.
Warbirds will bring storms of death from the sky
Our soldiers march forward ready to die
Bodies clash sounds of thunder
Hear the roar of warriors

Fight the fight, prepare for Warblast!
Infiltrate, annihilate all that defy
By my hand I take command to end their lives
Crush their skulls, burn their bodies
A rain of bullets cuts them to pieces
Face to face with death


One hundred thousand strong charge into the chaos
No surrender, no retreat within the madness
Merciless abolishment of human life
My enemies will bleed to their last and taste the fire of

Take ''em out, clear the ground by nuclear fire
Our enemy has fallen to the wargods desire
The battle is over
Strength and honor
We have won!


In the beginning you were born screaming
Until the end you''ll die crying
From a child to a man you stand alone
Trembling on a ledge, but now you are falling
Walls come tumbling down falling back on you
Burning full of hate as the void engulfs you
Fallen to a lesser god, your will is now fading
In history, your tree has produced many thorns
A generation scarred by blood for centuries to come
There''s no way in life you can sever the ties that bind you
Choking by your own rope until the very end
Tears for the weak, hands grip for mercy and release
The time is now for you to make a choice
Can you break the chains that bind your heart
That will lead you into everlasting madness?

And you will die in pain
A legacy in pain
Bounded in chains of shame
Prisoner to this mortal hell
A testimony of your generation
A history with no salvation


Dark tormented souls
For what upbringing they came unfolds
Distant memories so dark and cold
Insanity reigns supreme
For what crimes that hold
Bringing them together at this sanctuary
Brought forth in this place, darkened and forsaken
Locked and enclosed, all what is in good have been taken
Bounded and wrapped in a white padded room
Serenity has failed
Still bringing them together at this sanctuary

No meaning of life, identities festering, their acts will thrive
Freaks of the abyss
Beyond these walls locked away
Are plagued minds of sickness
Hidden and protected from prying eyes
Are the bi-levels of twisted and diseased minds
A haven for the wretched inhuman kind
Where madness and disgusting creatures hide

Warped reflections of past life holds no future
Lunatics of a lesser god come to the place
Where insanity breeds a new religion
And witness the birth of exquisite madness
Come taste their fears and their sadness
Look into the eyes of the insane
Stare into the depths, such unrelenting grimness
Ranting and raving of the lunatics
Murderous, violent intent

Screams of anguish and pain are stored within
Where chaos rules, a sanctuary of sin.


A row of spears gleaming bright
Thousands of swords ready
Archers stand strong and ready for flight
Arrows will pierce many
Charging into the enemy
The 13th legion
Fighting strong for Rome
Great Caesar, Hail oh mighty Caesar!
We shall fight and make wastelands of their home
Standing strong they draw close and near
An army so strong and so severe
The earth quakes at your feet
As they march across the plains
Soldiers will fall in defeat
We will fight, may Zeus be our guide
May our enemies fall and die
For the glory of Rome
We lay wake across the land
Triumph, triumphant in battle
Victorious, victorious leaders
Hail the 13th legion, the mighty lions of Rome!
13th legion!


Cast out and banished from society
For crimes committed against humanity
Sentenced to life trapped in a cell
To dwell and drown in your own hell
Lost in the darkness you say
Persuaded and controlled
Sadistic and inhumane were your ways
Butcherer of human souls

Raped and sodomized of their rites
Benevolent is the mind and heart
Creating the picture perfect death
Taking lives, the last and final breath
Families of the deceased are torn
Saddened eyes burning full of hate
Pierce you like many thorns
Abandoned and sealed is your fate

No forgiveness!

Harvester of tasteless sins, perverse, demented lust
Unspeakable acts so they say, twisted, grotesque
Images of death
Many lives in the blink of an eye
Tortured, butchered and slain
Now locked away for the rest of your days
Convicted, imprisoned for eternity

No forgiveness!


Life in a dream within the realms of fantasy
Away from the light, warped reflections of past life
Falling into the grey the fear intensifies
Madness and chaos, the highways of disbelief
Deep in my world, figures of black that shadow me
Deep in my pain, madness and rage soils me
Merciless and cold are the ones that smile
Gripped with terror, how false they are
Driven by madness, compelled to keep holding on
Insane are the black, how dear and close to me
Leave me in this endless nightmare!

In my subconscious I heard the voices from beyond
In whispers they call to me pulling me into eternity
So vast and black for all to see in this alternate reality
Here we will stay if we do not wake, the past is behind you, the future forsake.

And here is forever never to sleep, eat or drink
Pleasures of normal life are over
The pleasures we endure here are foul and soured
Tainted with the stench of impurity
Can''t you see this is me, comatose, never to be free
Once a life, hope to be dead, to release me from this state I''m in.
Kill me!!
My silent screams go unheard
Lost in dreams, never to return from this endless nightmare!

Lost in a dream, fantasy becomes reality
No normal life, in the abyss is where I''ll stay
Exploring catacombs on the other side
Traveling the highways to opposite plains
Submerging deeper into the black
And here I will stay


Darkness empowers me, sickened is my blackened soul
Look into the eyes of madness
Can you see the story to be told?
As a child I was tormented by society
In my world, I grew into sickness and disgusting pleasures
To torture life, practicing the arts of flesh and blood
To hear ''em scream, to see ''em beg for mercy
I am the one who brings absolute chaos
I am death incarnate
Behold my devilish mastery

To stalk my victims at random
Not knowing what hides in the shadows....death!
To look into their eyes
Their fear fuels my high
To climax by blood
The angel of death is smiling
For they all are forsaken by my hand
To cut away their flesh excites me
To fashion their bodies in ghastly art makes me proud
Grisly are the shrines of flesh I display

Stare through the eyes of sickness
The bringer of terror, torture and death
I am the vein that will drain them of their blood
And before me are images of faces and lifeless bodies
The last chapter of life to be told


Feelings of passion and lust
Blackness fulfills my pain and disgust
Sickened is my dying heart
Thoughts are lifeless and impure
Visions of red and the obscure
Indecent, tasteless and obscene
The wretched cold that breeds in me

I care not of others that look down at me
Pathetic and weak, they are a waste of life
Seeing clear for the first time
Truths between truths and lies between lies
Finding the only answer
For each man must find within himself

I call upon no one to give me assurance
Inside my mortal cell breeds deathly silence
To unlock him, to unchain him, the beast within
I control my own fate and believe in what is real
Blackness, emptiness, the evil inside

I spit at the feet of all religions that believe
Their ways are just slandering and corrupting
The masses of foolish believers
Not one of them has the will to stand alone
Drain the blood of all hypocrites

May this world bleed black
All arise in a new found belief, a master of one
Cursing those who look the wrong way
Evil inside