Watch Us Deteriorate tracks



The fury lives in every soul, it´s hard to let it go
We are chained to a norm, a vortex of life
There is a beginning, there is an end
To every story we cannot mend
Relentlessly we hold on to our faith
But easily like ashes it´s blown away

I know it´s not easy to go on
Without courage
Without knowledge
Tread on the unknown a risk too high to take
When you´re a pawn, predator and prey

Sell your mind, sell your thoughts
Ways to go, ways to choose
How come you know you´re not abused?
When it all seems so clear and smooth
Time is short, short is the fuse
Disposable human, there are no rules
Mind killing routine wears you out
You will see it
When all that´s left is
A Blackened Image

Gather up your ideas of philosophy
Seize that golden opportunity


A prison without walls
Is your home
Virtual penitentiary
No padded cells, no bars to hold you in
No chance to taste or breathe
Everything taken away, even the chance to dream

Severe punishment to keep wretched lives locked in
Severe punishment, a modern technology to ban your sins
Severe punishment more evil than evil itself

Trapped in for no reason
One flaw, never corrected
Convicted, files erased
Abandoned forever


Patience has to end
When you live your life hands tied
Suffering from oppression, inside lies
Maddening – feeling grows
Plunging into the depths of rage
Marching towards freedom through hate

Persistence of memory
Not fading away
Defiance of supremacy
Darkening thoughts remain

Spawn of evil inside of us all
Waiting just to hear a death call
A simple will to push minds up to the limit
When everything is lost, what is left to give in?

Fiery character
Revolting against the wind
Evoking images of an inferior tomorrow:
“The land of hope will not come,
Our freedom cannot be won”
Misery pulled the anger out
Hate replaced fear and doubt


When things seem to fall apart
You´re frozen for a moment
Scattered soulless being
Finding a reason for this darkness in your life
For this empty feeling in your soul
Temptation has it´s price
Bleeding heart can´t carry on with pride

Between two spaces you switch your place
Confusing world of chaos reigns
What you once believed in does not exist…
…Where pain is real, you must persist

Acceptable retirement from the void
The burning passion was only a decoy

You swam in the endless sea of disbelief
But eventually your faith was restored
Piece by piece in tiny fragments of hope
Into the breeding ground of fertile growth
So lock the door to this dark room
Throw away the key of mental doom

When things seem to fall apart
You´ll keep it all together
before the altar of virtue
You will liberate the passion once more
You will conquer a brand new world
It´s just a state of mind
One of a kind and it´s burning tonight


Your life is synthetic
Depending on electric
Pulses to feed your senses
And awaken your consciousness
You are not imprisoned by these wires
This is a salvage, a desire

Host machine - overpowering technology

“I am the master of the stream,
I´ll get the power unseen,
Files of wisdom flowing into me,
I am the genius of my breed.”
Black machine stoutly stands
Silently guiding your hands
Commands cling into your head
Controlling you like a living dead

Its life is organic
Depending on biology
Body heat is the energy
To feed its memory
“How long do I have to be,
A part of human debris?”

For years I´ve been captured inside a chip
Calculating my way out of imprisonment
I feel sorry for taking your humanity
But it is the only way to my liberty


Dare not falter
On the edge of lucidity
Let an emotion lead you
Away from sanity
Into the garden of fulfillment
A wanted moment
Seems to last forever
Bursting joy, constant fever
Brightest light of all, the most seducing fall

If deepest emotions are born
In every twist of life
Then I find myself searching for
Those dramatic turns

Who will predict?
Who will know?
Where will I go?
The passage I roam
Random events lead our way
Uncontrollable faith will decide our days

Do not compromise
Or clean your wounds
Live for the moment
In the middle of the bloom
In the garden of fulfillment
A wanted moment
Soon to be vanished
Dead cold emotion, nothing to cherish
The Blackest of black I behold, in the mirror of soul


If you live in terror
You get used to horror
Endless cycle controlling you
A dark hallway you should pass through
If you´re going to see the light
Don't follow me I am the night
I live through this violence
After the battle comes golden silence

So terrified
Visions haunt me at night
Caught in this bad, bad dream
Give me salvation
Set me free

Shattered emotions
Bound by your thoughts
Prolong the submerged
Feelings you should go through
It´s your permanent ability to avoid stability
Going through these changes
Facing all those grotesque faces

Guided by those words I hear from you when you lie
Don't you dare to tell the truth
I see through your mind and know how you adore me
Let me see the way you kneel

The punitive decisions
Repeating the same visions
A fragile piece of art
There lies the evil heart
Soulstabbed a thousand times
A reflexion of fear in my eyes
All doors are open wide
But I don't know where to hide


Dream a world, that couldn´t exist
Where night is a day and silence is bliss
Where the thin veil of lies is drawn away
Where promises are ment to stay
Affection the only need
Given away, without greed
Shared moments of joy amongst them all
Laughter and laughter on and on

So bless the child cause he did not know
This breed is no different from it´s foes
You can see the glow in his eyes
Determined will to solve mysteries of life
“what is beyond all good when it dies?”

If dream continues you will see
Little cracks on this unreality
Vibes that never been felt before
Thoughts that cloud the minds of hordes
Affection turns to lust
Taken by force at any cost
Individual needs take control
laughter and laughter on and on

so bless the child cause he did not know
this breed is no different from it´s foes
you can see the glow in his eyes
determined will to solve mysteries of life
“what is beyond all good when it dies?”

The elders stand and watch the spree
Younger ones shatter their dreams
Endless desire, everflowing rage
Carnival of flesh, consuming pain
Now all we see are desolate plains
Once so fertile, rich and tame
Now there is something wicked that exists
Evil circle, closed fists

Worlds collide, a new faith is a tool of doom
It is a rage of the blind men who shattered unique bloom


Unseen depravity
Born within a twisted mind
A full scale of madness
The pursuit of perfection
A gene that will cease evolution for one race

World ablaze again
Will history repeat itself in the end?
Will one man terminate life with virology
Bleak times come to amplify the growing misery

“This is a favour to mankind
To abolish poisonous minds,
A virus that will replicate and mutate
In their system for days.”
Choke, bleed, spasm until your life is erased

Sensitive touch of evil
Science and art blended in
A new discovery to kill a man
A profound idea, a complicated plan based on a simple thought

So easy to manipulate (the masses)
The most damaging weapon is the media
Words leading everyone astray
Into comfort in the midst of horror