Holy Blood

Waves Are Dancing tracks


1. Intro 02:39

[ Instrumental ]

2. To Heaven 03:44

Waves, cold waves
Are splashing on rocks,
Vertical rocks, which spread to heaven
Seagulls are flying around
Over the cold sea
Which calls me there
Where I wasn't before, to heaven.

I run away in my heart
Heaven is my wreath
I run there
Where is the way to heaven?
I rise up my eyes
God, my God, listen to me
I want to fly above the sea
I want to go to heaven.

Moon, the moon that rose up
Suspended above the sea
Cold sea
That is playing with the wind
Waves are reflecting
Light from heaven
Glowing light that falls from heaven
Where the moon is flying, to heaven.

God, listen to me
I call you
I want to fly above the waves
Take me, my God
To heaven (4)

3. The Spring 05:33

The light amongst the ice, the winter has ended
The cold of ice has melted, springtime has come
Melted heart, full of fire
Lai-la-la-la, the spring has came!

The warmth flows down from heaven, straight into everyone's heart
Springtime will come for those, who search Him
You are the warmth, You are the springtime of the whole land
When the winter disappears, there You are

Holy Lord, You are love
You are The Spring of my life
My love, my life
You are The Springtime, E-he-hey!

The land is full
Of tears of despair
And full of disillusionment
As the sharp winter
The land strives in search
Of celestial warmth
For God's springtime
To come for frozen souls

The Spring, hey!!!
The Spring, hey!!!

4. Jerusalem 05:55

Day will come, heaven will shine
All the land will burn then
And the holy town of Jerusalem
Will come down from heaven, in God's glory.

All the land will burn
When Jerusalem will come down.

Holy town, Jerusalem
Unearthly, but coming down from heaven
Opens the gates to all
Who take salvation.

God's truth will be made
The sinful world will burn
But for God's sons of truth
Jerusalem will come down.

All the land will burn
When Jerusalem will come down.

Hey, open your eyes
Hey, listen, the land
Hey, holy day
Hey, not so far away.
Hey open your eyes
Hey, save yourself
Hey, anger will come
But the holy town
will be open to every holy person.

A flame of furious fire
Will burn this land
For all the sins
The anger of God will avenge.

The day will come holy and fearful
All the land will then burn
And He who sits on the throne
Will open the gates to Jerusalem.

5. I Flow Towards the Fate 04:20

Northern wind nor cold rain
Will stop me
Shield and sword, helmet
Belt and armor
Fire in heart
I am ready for battle.

I flow towards the fate
Jesus, give power to me
I am ready to rush into the fight
To struggle with the Satan and conquer.

The Sea's abyss
Is raging around
And wants to consume me
Underwater reefs and rocks surround me
But they will not stop me.

My God, give tail wind
For I have time
To fight with evil
At sunrise
And then darkness will fall
In the lake of fire.

6. Baptising of the Rus' 02:33

[ Instrumental ]

7. In the Last Battle 04:53

Roasted steel in hands
Holy fire in hearts
In mouth the words: “Stand up
It's time to rush into battle!”
Our enemy has oppressed us so long
That our people are accustomed to enslavement
But let's straighten them back with bravery
We'll strike down the forces of darkness with sword.

Waves are carrying
An old drakkare
Church of Christ
In the last battle.
Hey, brother, boldly
Hold your steering wheel
Our God strikes down all the forces of evil
In the last battle, In the last battle.

Freedom was becoming so expensive for us
God poured His blood for it
We have to keep It now
And bring liberation to others
Our enemy has no chance now
The angels of darkness will not stay
And we'll strike down all
The forces of darkness by sword of truth.

Red-hot sword, sword of steel
Hold it strongly
There will be battle and there will be victory
Against angels of darkness.
Red-hot sword, holy sword
Hold it strongly
There will be battle and there will be victory
Against the army of Satan.

8. The Fairy 04:17

Beautiful fairy, beautiful life
There is a choice, to choose your path
Beautiful fairy, beautiful life
The most important thing is not to lose.

I had chosen a more calmful way
I liked the sense of it at the most
Although it was not so colorful outwardly
But eternal horrors will pass me from behind.
I gave the most of myself
mainly for that way of life on this earth
And I had gained a part of heaven in eternity
Peace, happiness, joy on this earth.

Fairy of life, come, choose
As soon as you are born
The way to eternity has a reward of life
Fairy of life, come, choose
As soon as you are born
Choose the way to eternity
A reward of eternal life awaits.

Horrors and tortures are waiting at the end of ways
To those, who are brighter and nicer at the first thought
Beautiful by view, dangerous inside
And full of poison and dead bones
Stench and tortures are their essence forever
That's what they include in themselves
But besides torture in eternity
Depression tortures them on this earth. – (2 times)

Black greedy ravens are whirling
Above those, who had chosen not God's way
Egyptian vultures are dividing souls of the doomed
Choosing whom they will peck
Whirling are the ravens, whirling are the demons
Wanting to peck the doomed
Wanting are the ravens, wanting are the demons
To tear the retreated.

9. Waves Are Dancing 05:09

Waves are dancing awesomely
A dangerous dance
Waves are trying to possess me
But I had chosen the right way for my life
And waves and winds
Will not possess me.

I had chosen my way
I pray not to drown
I will not give myself to the winds
To drift on false ways.

Waves are dancing a dangerous dance
Waves are overpowering, a dance of evil
Waves are striding with death at their ends
And the wind carries the waves to nothingness.

But I had chosen a way for my life
I will not sail to nothingness
I am sailing far away, where there is no death
Where God is waiting for me.

For a long time I searched for the way
Rescuing myself from the reefs
And ruined rocks
But I raised my hands to heaven
And prayed for mercy
And God had shown the way
Beyond death and evil.

10. Outro 02:25

[ Instrumental ]