Torture Division

We Bring Upon Thee tracks



Hanging at a funeral, devouring the cries
Been planning this for years, since my loved one died
I've been drinkin heavily, crack smoke fills my lungs
Driven myself to insanity, to invoke what I've become

I am The Knifer
To be The Knifer

A stalker is my victim, forced down on his knees
“If you play with fire…”, then all I heard was screams
While cutting and slashing, ripping the flesh
And crushing the eyeglobes while beating you to death
Grinding my teeth all the way to the bones
Empty your heart of blood makes me stoned

And I'm drowning, drowning in your blood
And I am laughing while drowning in your blood

My hate grows deeper inside
Your fear glows deep in your eyes
A satanic cross splits your chest
You just reached the last minute in life

Now you die, coz I never forgive
Eye for an eye for what you did
I cut you to pieces, paint the chapel red
Bet you think it is over and wish you were dead
I rip out my blade, the size of a truck
And penetrate your ass you pedophile fuck!

I am the knifer
Proud to be the knifer


With endless wrath we bring upon thee
Our sinful lust we force into thee
Face your fear, your nightmare's here
And with sharpened tools we will steal your final breath

We come alive!
Everytime we think of you, you die
And with every sin… We come alive!
We are here to cease your worthless lives
Feast on your soul, feast on your flesh

We are here for torture
We are here for death
We are here for slaughter
The army of three will come alive!

Everytime you think of suicide
We provide you rope, we bring you death!
All we want is to erase you from mankind
Coz we dont feel we need to cope

We bring upon thee… an army of three!
We bring upon thee…

The Wrath, The Torment, Bloodbath, Abhorrent, DEATH!

We bring upon thee… an army of three
we kill and ravage… the army of three

We come alive!
We torture you with nails and spikes
And when youre dead, we rise again!
From the dead we fuel and strike again
Inherit your soul… to kill!


Terrorized, broken down, to the core?
Lying cold in the dark, and ask for more?
See your life slip away, no control?
Call us now, we are here to save your soul!

It's what we do, we've come for you
We offer death, your final rest

Kill, kill, kill, kill!
Kill, kill, kill, kill!

It's what we do, we torture you
Your final breath will be our death

Torture and pain
Decoration - Your head!

Oh baby, won't you please get down on your knees
Oh baby, I just cant wait, don't you ever hesitate

Call us now, we are here to take your soul
Torture Division
Cut your throat, throw you in a six feet hole
Torture Division
We stab a hole in your gut, leave you to die
Torture Division
Or break you down with terroreyes 'til suicide

It's what we do, we hate you!
Want you to die!