I Killed The Prom Queen

When Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You tracks



I'll take a million lies.
I'll forget a million deaths.
I continued to lie.
Still holding my breath I take it back.
Take this bullet and end this all.
Still warm blooded I fake this smile.
I'm stuck between birth and death.
I'm stuck between good and bad.
I watched ash turn to ash.
I watched dust turn to dust.
I watched friendships die for what?
Ashes to ashes.
Dust turns to dust.
This broken neck comes from lust.
Where does this loyalty lie today?
Where the fuck do you stand In the end what will learn before we die?
In the moonlight you see me in my true form.
This curse will still plague my rotting bones.
I watched the dead come back to life.
The promise will end up broken now.
I still hear your heart beating.
I still hear your bones broken.
With you lying there I guess this is the end.
Mutiny will end us.
Promises will only break us.
Don't forget who you are today.


Dreams kill the image of the innocent that dies.
That a heart beats pure is blackened within her eyes.
Dreams kill the image of the innocent.
A one clear moment shows its unloved soul.
This one clear moment shows me its unloved soul.
This one clear moment shows its unloved soul.
This one clear moment shows me its love.
That I can not escape strong hold you pity me.
See the noose hung.
See through my eyes.
As I pity myself awoken dreams of a future here left to bleed my loves heartbeat is taken away.
My dreams forgotten, this is not my only wish for every love that's taken me,
For every pain that killed a dream.
For every love that's taken me, when every pain *DIES* every turn sculptures strength
(Self discipline is like tempered steel)
To kill me to hate me I cant understand this I cannot understand fate
Break the chains of a shackled mind.
For every pain that's taken me.
For every love that's killed a dream.
Break the chains and I wont shed these feelings.
For every pain that ever killed a dream.


To all my friends I'll die for you, This is the way I feel, It's in my blood.
Yesterday today and tomorrow.
This is in my heart Ill never change.
Memories will live forever in my heart.
Fuck the fakes who have fallen through the cracks of patheticness.
I'll never forget you.
I'll never change the way I feel.
You will always be a joke in my eyes.
To all the fakes I fucken hate you.
To all my friends I'll die for you.
This is our lives.
This is who we are.


Through these eyes open to life (through these eyes) unfold.
Escape reality.
Unfolded blood thrown before me, do you see what I see.
Blood thrown before me, dreams killed by.
Star lit harmony.
As blood is thrown before me lost are those that don't believe that walk with.
There eyes shut.
Conclusion written in the blood.
Of the narrow minded why that I ask.
This is the only question that I ask.


Slowly watching these dreams all die.
I cut my life away from you.
I remember happiness.
I see the evil in your eyes.
I see the beauty in a modern world.
I see shades of red blanketing your skies.
I'm still dripping still shedding these tears.
For what reason I don't know.
I still taste the bitterness, one million reasons to die Remember the times that we had.
The depths of forgotten.
Forget your past.
Look to the future.
Drowning in my sleep.
This is a fucking nightmare.
I hope the regret burns into my hands.
So I know what I've lost, I blame myself for our past.
I still remember happiness.
I'm still dripping with this blood.
I'm still shedding these tears.
I see the evil in your eyes I still dream about you.
I still die without you.
Still dreaming still dying.
Still sleeping while still standing.


The torment of your lies tumble onto,
The torment of your lies tumble onto me,
The torment of your lies tumble onto me,
Tumbles onto me like an avalance tumbles onto me like an avalance TO KILL
Slowly the day will down.
Walking alone with no one endless guilt.
Forever we die, time is not heres, not near.
The beginning.
Which brings us further from the truth and into history's.
Path and what we call hope is nothing but a selfish lie, or individual suggestions.
Strokes of a brush fades away as the wind blows as the water hits the sand broken.
Memories of a time forgotten, some called a dying wish.
Or some called everyday a dying dream.
Slowly the day will drown.
Walking alone, forever we die, time is not.
Here not near the beginning, walking alone broken dreams hearts broken, hearts sinking.
A sky that once was grey now turns as black as night.
As our heart are broken, our hearts, are sinking,
Our hearts fucking dying from eternity drips from your fingers.
The time of every action to rest upon your shoulders.
With every action it comes to rest upon your.
Shoulders upon your shoulders.