Where Moshers Dwell tracks



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Welcome to your nightmare
Where life will end in pain
First you meet your maker
Then you go insane

A dark mansion of metal
Will be your last domain
In this house of F.K.Ü.
Four evil forces reign

...'Til death

This is where mosh pits grow
Where you thrash and die real slow
You are just south of hell
Welcome to where moshers dwell

Call him daddy Freddy
To him you must obey
Best to treat him nicely
Or you will be his pray

You must know Jason Voorhees
We gave the boy a home
Still the man behind the mask
In here he will roam

In our boiler room supreme
No one else can hear you scream
It's not heaven it's not hell
This is it, where moshers dwell

Watch for Michael Myers
He likes to play with knifes
Not a fan of trick or treat
But of ending lives

We hope that you will like it
Your nightmare has come true
Pinhead, Spinell, Leatherface
They're all part of our Crü


Synchronize your thrashing
With our moshoholic sound
Endless slashing and bashing
When F.K.Ü. comes to town

Engaging on full power
Heading for overload
Said you had enough but you lied
Bang your head, ready to explode

Our moshoholic breed will exceed your need!

We seek, we aim and then we fire
You'll get what you deserve
Your need to thrash is dire

We seek, we aim and then we fire
You'll get what you deserve
Your need to thrash is dire
It's a twitch of the thrash nerve

Reckless devastation
The answer to your desire
Thrashing with pure aggression
Never slow down, never tire

Moshing like a maniac
There's nothing that can stop you
Causing a massive heart attack
But dead thrashers mosh too

There is nowhere to hide
It's a spreading nationwide
A new world order
Extreme moshover
A new era is born
Fist bang and devil horn
They're just poor substitutes
For the four finger salute

So put them in the air
And swear allegiance to the ünderwear
Congregate, moshers stand strong
And sing along


Beware of his six-string attack
He's no ordinary Joe Six-Pack
Faster than you'll ever live to be
Riff meister to a deadly degree

Humanuclear device, fuming with rage
He's Radiation Joe, breaking the cage
Hey! Stand back! The right decision
There's no way you'll win this competition

Turn out the light and watch him glow in the dark
You may as well accept he's faster than the shark

Commander of the powersurge
Dictator of the metal church
Watch him reach critical mass
Forcing metal up your ass

Unknowingly blessed, his licks unfolds
Supercharged, unveil the power he holds
Unearthly shredding, so it shall be done
He'll take it to the limit going defcon 1


A guitar demon, showing no mercy
Finger-tapping frenzy and whammy-bar abuse
Stunning your senses, blinding your eyes
First comes submission, then you die


Stand in the back, you try to look cool
Reality check!You look like a fool
You try to hide but we'll seek you out
And teach you what thrashing's all about

You're not the first, we know your kind
We'll penetrate your unwilling mind
Become a moshoholic, no use to refuse
There's no excuse

And now it's up to you
Beaten bloody, black and blue
Nothing left for you to prove
Except your ability to move

The pit the poser
The poser and the pit
Do dare come closer
You know you want to, just admit it!

The pit the poser
The poser and the pit
Do dare come closer
Even if you get hit, there's no way we'll let you quit!

We know you wanna, time to realize
You've got it in you, we see it in your eyes
Time to make a choice and stop pretending
Because this shit is never-ending

Once you're addicted there's no way out
Four finger salute! You scream and shout
When the horror and the metal takes control
The evil ünderwear has taken its toll

We know what thrashing's all about
You push and shove and we scream and shout!
Moshoholics, we must stand as one


Dead and buried, there's no guarantee
In potters bluff there's no real R.I.P.
Introducing William Dobbs, mortician
Serving the dead in the time of need

In this town there are dead men walking
There's always a body ready at hand
Black magic or a medical breakthrough?
Re-animated corpses under his command

Sadistic mentor
Morbid inventor
The re-animator of life
An artist with the knife
Dead coroner

Murder as art, corpse painter supreme
People here never end up in an urn
Death's just the beginning of his evil scheme
Can't kill his children, they always return

Need them disfigured to work his skills
People check in and corpses check out
He's the mastermind behind the kills
A real life puppet master, no doubt


(no lyrics available)


There's a deadly gas in the air tonight
Oh yeah, the dead are putting up a fight
On a rapage through Louisville, Kentucky
Go ahead punk, do you feel lucky?

These dead are mean, rude and hungry
Back from the grave and ready to party
This time you cannot kill what's already dead
Run for your life babe, hold on to your head

Hate your guts, love your brain
To them your brain equals novocain
Hate your guts, love your brain
Zombifaction, here comes the pain

Hate your guts

It's not the night or dawn or even the day
No way, these fucks are here to stay
And if you shoot them right between the eyes
That's when you're in for the biggest surprise

Rotten to the core but they know what they need
Zombie chow or fallout, your end is guaranteed
They dig you like the maggots diggin' the grave
The grey and white matter is what they crave


Tar-Man and his smelly friends
They have a hunger and they have the speed
Brainless that is how it ends
'Cause on your warm brain they will feed
Send more paramedics please
Your end will come fast if you are lucky
And send more cops 'cause there's something
Rotting running around in the state of Kentucky



Nathan Grantham died, screaming for his cake
Dirty bitch, what he called her, a deadly mistake
Hatred, what she felt, she wanted to see him dead
Weaponed with a marble ashtray she bashed his head

Guilt! Feeling remorse would be a lie
Obsolete! That old evil bastard had to die

I want my cake
Been rotting here for all these years
He's had enough now he's pissed and awake
Give me my cake
You can't escape, this geezer will kill you
But first he will catch you and force you to bake

Gathered, to celebrate,
His death that made them rich
Vultures, living of his money,
Ain't death a bitch?


Back from the grave, to get my cake
Sweet taste of revenge
It's fathers day, I'll make you bake
Today I will avenge
Back from the grave, a big mistake
To kill your own father
It's fathers day, your life I'll take
Sylvia's head for a starter

Enter her fathers grave, she will face her fate
It's fathers day, but today aunt Bedilia will be late

They're gonna try but they cannot escape
He will get his cake, a head on a plate


A violent summer storm gave them birth
One million volts into the earth
Emerging from the ground they've come for you
Nowhere to hide what can you do?

The worms

The crave the human flesh it's what they eat
Carnivorous maggots like their meat
You've come to realize this must be
The end of all humanity

The worms
The horror


Chuck [x5]

Sleepwalker Texas Ranger
If you're an unsuspected stranger
You're in grave danger
Cause he's Chuck out of luck

He wakes up all drenched in sweat
Lost mission to serve and to protect
Blood on his hands, hat on his head
He is the law but he's no Judge Dredd

Chuck [x5]


Can't take it, life off-screen really does suck
Narcolepsy, in his character he's stuck
Hitting the streets night after night
Kicking and jumping and fighting the fight

Chuck [x5]

Out of luck


Apartment complex under siege
Hot young tenants living in fear
A masked maniac on a killing spree
Beware of his home improvement gear

Drill! He knows the drill
There's oceans of blood to spill
Kill! He needs to kill

It's shredding time!

The ski-masked sadist's on his way
The hack 'n slash handyman
Pure evil, here to slay
Crush and maim whenever he can


Some shredding to be done!

He's a son of a nail-gun
He knows his way around
The second floor apartments
His favorite hunting ground


Some shredding to be done!


Wedgies wedgies is the shit
We will pull until you split
Briefs, jocks, boxers, all the same
Can't escape our evil game

Six Six Six Feet Ünderwear [x4]


Anger driven, possessed to kill
To eliminate, his perverted thrill
Hooded sadist homicidal desires
Hate as fuel, gas on the fire

Madman, predator, lurking lovers lane
Bringer of punishment, afflicting pain
Killer on the loose with sadistic intent
The pure fear, he can smell their scent

They must die by his hand
'Cause he's in command
Triggered by the moon,
Their lives he'll take
No way to escape

Phantom phantom phantom - Killer attack
Run for your life or you
Will have to put up a fight
Phantom, prepare for the phantom - Killer attack
He will not stop 'til you're
Dead in the dead of the night

He will teach them to cherish their suffering
Bite, chew, rip, master of butchering
Humiliate, eradicate, no one will be saved
Obliterate, send them to an early grave

Deeds needs no explanation, insane
Victims beg for mercy,
Words spoken in vain
A never ending appetite for destruction
Mutilation, termination


We're all gathered in this room,
Six sinners one deciever
Good ol' Pal Pazuzu brought
Some hot winds and some fever
Father Merrin's in the kitchen fixing up a drink
Father Karras had too many, puking in the sink

All you faithless slime
This, this is the night
Now, now is the time
Time to desecrate

Lookout! Here comes Regan
Riding on her flying bed
She look right at you
And she starts to spin her fuckin' head
Hot and horny wants to get
It on with him tonight
There's no way the son of God
Can win this fuckin' fight



Again we've arrived with a mission to fulfill
To kill the stage and rape your ears
A merciless death, a strike of the beast
The most awesome shit you've heard in years

The metal is raw, the volume is loud
We shred and then we kill the crowd
Because we're F.K.Ü. and it's futile to resist
Our horror metal mosh with a twist

Get in the pit, you have to commit
If you're not moving, your head we'll split

Alone in the dark you'll die by the sword
'Cause we are the unstoppable force
We kill on command, we march into fire
And hit the road with Ghoul and Engorged


The horror metal moshing machine
Has arrived to crush you all
The horror makes you shiver in fear
And fall dead on the floor
The horror metal moshing machine
Will eliminate your life
The horror and the metal combined
Will slit your throat and kill you
Till you motherfucking dick


Another return from the masters of fright
Time has come to enter the mosher's delight
The nightmare dominion that posers fear to tread
Doesn't matter if you're alive or already dead
Come dear moshoholics, obey our evil sound
The aura of true horror and metal all around
Freddy's dream team, Larry, Pete, Ted and Pat
The unholy four are gathered for attack

Adrenaline pumping through your veins
As your body prepares for the pain
The Horror Metal Crü will grind you down

Warning! Mosh zone ahead
One mistake, you're dead
Running to avoid our third attack
Too late, there is no turning back

A deadly invitation to the ride of your life
You have to walk the line, the four edged knife
Your thrashing skills are judged and taken to the test
Time to join the pit and find out who's the best
Intensity builds, maximum terror soon obtained
Masters of our trade, horror metal sustained
Never quit, never gonna change our evil ways
'Cause we will thrash you 'til the end of days

We'll take you on a trip you'll never forget
No stop signs, heading for the pit
Grab a ticket to our show of
Mayhem, blood and pain
It's the pedal to the horror
Metal Moshing Mad again