13 Winters

Where the Souls Wander tracks



Sadness plagues the heart, an emptiness that will never go away
You dwell within darkness, a place where you feel safe
Death comes without knowing, it attacks the heart deep inside
Tears fall just like rain, when will this pain subside?

Tomb Stones in ruin, silence fills the air
Saddend statues, seems like their watching you

Dead tree branches hang above your head, in a grave yard nothing but the dead
Autumn breeze fills out senses, within you feel like one of the dead

Can you relieve me of such dark thoughts, and you ease my twisted heart?
Deep within we're all morbid, take the time to realize it!

One of the dead!


Cast a circle, protected by candle light
Nothing but mother nature, the Goddess and the God to protect our ritual this night

Call upon the Goddess, our mother
Call upon the God, our father

Due what thou wilt, but they watch over us all!

Earth the elements that bind us together
Air calling out to each corner
Fire letting the energy flow through us
Water protect us durning the ritual tonight

Draw a pentagram in the air, to open and close our circle.
Merry meet and merry part, this is our rite so mote it be!

Blessed be!


I feel the coldness creeping in
A sudden, deathly chill
Frozen is the Earth
So in this state I just stand still

Snow covers the ground
The forest at a stand still
Silence is the Earth
An emptiness sinks within

Dead is the trees,
Gray is the sky
To me this is death
The rest is just winter

Let me see the full moon to set my heart free
Chill stays within, untill the light shines through
Cold breeze, turns me blue
Cold and freezing, but this is what winter will do


Darkness silence us without words,
Emptiness is a comfort I can no longer afford
Loneliness comes to us when we need it most,
Yet I hate every moment of it

Rain falls as tears run down my face
Just know you'll be missed and never replaced
You remain in my memories and in my heart
Why did they take your life away?

Every morning I wake I feel nothing
Every night I sleep I have hurt inside
Yet nothing I do can make it go away
Sorrow haunts me deep within my soul

You try to pick up the pieces and move,
When it's someone close to you it's hard
I think of you in my dreams every night
I place a rose on your grave when I can




An emptiness seems to fade as I walk in the fog
I hunger for the darkness, my only will in life
Wind blows leaves on the ground, Autumn surrounds me with it's beauty
I gather myself where I'm not found, to gaze into the midnight sky

I try for once to forget everything in my life
To be at ease with with my tortured mind
To hide my sorrow that grows inside
To be by myself, dead to the world!

I've hated myself for a long, I need to let the pain out
Make my mind subside in the light of the Full Moon

Burning leaves fill the cold air, wrap myself into me
I want the night to set my heart free
Will this night comfort me?

Tears fall down my face, for something can't be placed
A hold that can;t be filled, a giant hole inside me

Will this Autumn night set me free, to embrace me with it's beauty?
To comfort me with its full glory? In this season I feel no misery


Your God has forsaken me, so I remain in darkness
To hide my face away, to make myself nolonger seen

My heart is always bleeding for it's always breaking
You think a broken heart can mend, but it's been damaged for so long

You ask me why God has turned his back on me, blackness runs deep within these veins
Darkness plagues my heart and mind, ask me if I need some sympathy?


I walk within the dark forest, to call upon the Goddess
I look to the dark sky, to call upon the God

Your God may have cursed me, but it's a God I nolonger believe
Nature has turned me, for there's no where else I'd like to be

My life is nothing but misery, yet I find that it suits me
If you look with my twisted mind, will you tell me what you find?



I've tried to love
But it ends up breaking
I've given my heart
It's gotten stomped upon
Crucify my emotions
Doing it in front of everyone
Tears may shed,
But inside I'm forever dead

Cold, dark, empty

You wonder why I am the way I am
Maybe you are the one to make me this way
You've tried to seep into me
Wondering if there's still love inside?

The day is done
And darkness falls
As I walk into the night
I know that I lost you
I know that it is over
I know it's true,
We're through

Thinking I'm depressed
I once was but no more!
No one to give me the attention I needed
I gained a giant hole
Sadness for months painted on my face
I stay within complete silence
Sharing nothing with no one
Who wants to hear what I have to say?

Cold, dark, empty


You vanish into the darkness, hoping you'll find your way
The silence seeps deep within, as the dark takes a hold of you

You feel nothing inside but an emptiness, you find is your only friend
You decided to leave the misery behind, take a chance in the dark beyond

You've just pick up the pieces and dissapear, the torture forever ate your soul
You just want it all to fade away, as you step into a world unknown

Winds whisper within the dead trees, leaves flow a upon the ground
You wrap your arms to keep warm, within you wonder is this Depression?

Life just didn't give you a break, you got damned with torture and pain
If someone should join you are they leaving, leaving the same misery behind?

The emptiness you feel will subside, the one beside you, your only friend
Both of you decided to leave the misery behind, take a chance in the dark beyond!




I cut my hands on thorns, as you stood there and watched
Blood running from my hands down my fingers, yet you do nothing but fucking stare!

I've gotten your attention, but gotten no respect
You don't talk to me, now you nolonger look at me

I've fallen to my knees, begging for all your apologies
No, you turn your back towards me, what did I do to deserve this?

Blood has now
Stopped flowing
My hands-now scabing
Hanging on the roses
Thorns digging
Into my flesh
Causing the scabs
To bleed

I've sunk down so low, only myself would know
My troubles haunt me everyday, my problems never subside


Midnight wrap me within your dark embrace, let the light of the moon comfort me
Deep within silence, I'm at ease in a graveyard
Nothing but the dead within the Earth

I light a candle to light my way, put red roses on my loved ones grave
A sent of incense in the air, letting them know that I care

I walk the beaten paths, in my deep thoughts
I wonder if they are there, right beside me as I walk this night?
Wind blows a creepy tune, Sending chills up my spine
In the blackest of clothes, as if I'm in mourning

If you look within you'll see a beating heart
If you ask why I'm always blackend,
I'll say this is me, who I am
I dwell within the dark to hide from you all

I cry deep inside for those who are now gone
I keep those people in my memory
I gain more than my true idenity,
But this is apart of me and my personality

I see a figure, his arms reach for me
Across the veil of night
Pulling me tight against him