In Flames

Whoracle tracks



I often dream of huge numb buildings
Jet-black sinister architecture
Being installed when nobody sees
Their appearance so sudden
That few would take notice

And when I wake up
I imagine being crushed by one
Imagining it's weight it's silence
And the absence of excuses for a havoced life
And the priviledge of a 22-kilometer tombstone


A body of black
That carried no reflection
Defying it's own room
Un-earthly eggs of decreation

There would be colonies
Mushroom-scattered forever out of context
Rising spores from a dying world
To pollute to chase away what's left

Sun-white pulverised desert stone
And serpentine lizard mouths
Pales away the pyramids
Rewriting 4500 years of history
Raping the statue of liberty
Outplays the acropolis
Inverting the fjords
Invades the N.Y. skyline to
Dream it's own existence in one single final word


Can we identify them
As the flint buried in our reptile skulls
Or the time-bomb coded in our DNA


Shame marries the guilt
Introduces itself to the
Concept of total loneliness
Sensations repressed
Make friends with
Suicidia and
Here the leeches begin to
Suck away the lust for life

Escape takes lead
Into a world unknown uncontrolled by all
Where border are erased and potential infinite
Chosen cells glands and transmittors
Blast the body with joy
Astral feet running
Up to dimension covered with gold
Stairs of glowing ectoplasma
Safir onyx and buzzing vibrations
A dead man banquet
Food for the gods

There's only 1 real world
Our earth is but a shadow
Created from a child's heart a living jewel
From now on abode for a soul in its setting

Sutting the bloodline
Re-tie the bleeding roots
To a heavenly ship of glass
And let it drift in passive arrogance
In a one-word dialogue with the stars


Geology is digging through
My brain
A manta engulfing the world
To throw it up once again
To a guild of a lifted dagger

Neo-wolf but older again
Than the Lupus itself
Linked its fur to the gyroscope of time
A collection of failures

A diabolical sequences of stabs
Written in cunning stone
From the fossilised of thieves
Our lives dies

I see the nursing all-mother
Spitting out a trail of termites
In the mouth of her first-born hope
Breast ripe with smog-filled rebellion

Apathy dressed in violence
White insectoid legs
Curse her lips and mouth
Receptive only to pain


April night-tyme
And we run like muscles through the stagnant nodes of man
Blood-bridges lean towards the gaping synapses
To disarms the stars within us

Hornet Hive-dark
Severed wings in vainless beating
Buzz out from inferno of fangs
To disarms the stars within us

We should have been
So much more by now
Too dead inside
To even know the guilt

Waning Ring-deep
A halo of thorns
Sips now down in the sheets of sharp silver
To disarm the star within us


[Gelotte, Strömblad]



New beginning held in infinite vacuum
Biotronic test-world free of inscription
Devoid of the echoes of man
Noble savage cyborg

In the cold ceremonial perfection
More radiant than the sum of suns
With each and every attribute
Of animal machine and man

Dystopia ElectroHeart
The grotesque and the linear
Took one final giant blow
Into the Ram of
What is us

Installing awaiting the restoration of unsequenced chaos

We've only seen the outlines of the beggining
And this core the slowly moving raptor
Will make the very notion of Hell
Seem celestial in comparison


Fireworks and alchemy
Genes spliced and triggered
into the future
and her organic cave

Seismorgasmic omnipotence
Scenes of magma in my eyes
Eruption stones my system

I owe this to the animal inside
and the stiffness that blocks out the daylight
Morphing into primal

I'll cover every particle
From there to Andromeda
Not forgetting a single location
From the throat of Ibis
To the co-ordinate of Matterhorn

My shot is genesis and catharsis
Penetratonaut in a cosmology of lust

Suck this subterrenean creature out
and show it proudly to the house of heaven
With one slight wave of my hand
star dissolves

Dissolve my brain
Block my lungs
I'll die from fever tomorrow
When locked in sych a perfected "now"


Raindrop hits the leaf changing
It's position slightly on the street
Next to polls of monotonous waters
He walks Slipping feet From steps at random
He falls

In the space of between his body and the ground
Comets cast off their names stellar neurones misfire

Inhale the seed
And spit out a million branches

Buds abloom in all directions
Frin which events occur
Relations and virused meetings
Catch fire and explode
In the margin of butterfly wings
Entire cycles of evolution
Outplayed and faded
Sparked away and leaned back into
Vacuum-filled nirvana

Between the two of my eyes
Feverish fractal scar
Dance like were they on drugs
Peyote labyrinth re-mapped exits
A hasty blink
And a million life-to-comes
Will never be the same
As they never were

In the kinetic energy of a moving fist
Lies a birth-machine for a parallel universe

With the first movement in organic scap
Came a bouquet of alternative answers
All different multiplied and re-divided

Coded in the spinal cord of a trilobite
Written between the legs on the Meganeura
Suburban city maps and dormant dictator semen
Marked their way through time

9. EPISODE 666


Welcome here, the squirrel-wheel begins
fasten the left hand belts
Remember not to think too much
and your trip will be numbingly pleasant

Non-caring is the easiest way
but to secure a passage to the 2nd plane
you have to complete level one
Their dead-smile lips turn on their TV
while urban gravestones scrape the skies
Rising over marionette cities and marionette skies

This is episode 666
destination chaos
Each and all an actor blind


[Martin Lee Gore - Original by Depeche Mode]

The handshake
Seals a contract
From the contract
There's no turning back
The turning point
Of a career
In Korea being insincere

The holiday
Was fun packed
The contract:
Still intact

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves
After all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The graph
On the wall
Tells the story
Of it all
Picture it now
See just how
The lies and deceit gained a little more power

Confidence taken in
By a sun tan
And a grin

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves
After all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
Everything counts in large amounts





Bible arm on social hell
Spins it's downward spiral
With each year of unprogression
A fine of failure is added
Closer than ever to the edge
A feat in resident martyrs
Strong objects track my body,
My body down

Eyes, disappearing rebirth of light...
Between a labyrinth of errors
And the key to the suicide era
Digging through the graves of giants
Words fly to me
A lonely road, like a promise
Failing miserably
Running through like an alphabet of hate
To shake the entire organism closer than ever,
Ever to the edge

Eyes, disappearing rebirth of light...
Between a labyrinth of errors
And the key to the suicide era

I kill for the code to disarm this mess
Of psychotic chaos that once I mixed up myself





Call me by my astral name
Breeding fear through wordless tongue
Heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain
Emptied from all human motion
Confront the faceless wrath

Beckoning silent from a sphere behind space
Through twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams
Sights of towers reaching for the moon
Clawing at the skies - they gonna pull it down

Intensity - I feel the lava rushing through my veins
Stars are reforming - to enter the fourth dimension

Beyond all galaxies
Through timeless eons of frost
Unearthly Hunger - angels decent

We are entering dimensions behind space ...
Beyond all galaxies
Through timeless eons of frost


Reach for your razor
Cut through the dawn
Through your inner wrath
Keys shan't open the doors
Behold, my heart has stopped
My lungs are laid, the final rest But still I see, what do I feel

Yes, but to earthly eyes, I am gone
To the lands where legends never die
Take me to the twilight land tonight
Again and again and again, every night
The darkness climbs through my walls
Where the screaming is silent to the corrupted ear

Never to any man I will spear
My speech, it has no value
Eyes have seen the sights
Bleed through the ages eternal
I ask no more A life has just begun
Never will I see the sun And do I miss it?

No, my eyes are black
Emotions fled through eyelids closed
Throne of thorns
Clad in shadows