Raven (UK)

Wiped Out tracks



Race with the devil - on your marks, get set, go
Hell bent on getting to where i don't know
Leaving our sector, into the unknown
Now more than ever we are alone

Faster - give it all you got
Faster - we can never stop
Faster than the speed of light

Blue shifted galaxies squeeze into view
A circular rainbow that we can smash through
Pushing to the limit, the overdrive screams
Taking us further than our wildest dreams

Over the limit, cacophony reigns
Crushed into oblivion, nothing remains
Just a hole in the fabric of space and time
Swallowing all of our screams


Stuck in this town, boy, you can't break free
The arm of the law giving you the third degree
Can't get no job to earn my pay
Gonna lose control by the end of the day

Heads are going to roll in this town tonight
Hear my blood boil, the end's in sight
With all your might - bring the hammer down
Get out of my way - bring the hammer down
Nail him to the ground - bring the hammer down
We're not gonna break it if we ain't gonna take it

They think they're clever, thinking we're the fools
Those power crazy people with their iron rules
Kids on the street, looking for a fight
Listen to those sirens as they wail all through the night

They put me in the slammer, threw away the key
Crucified my body, killed the man in me
Hey, mr Jailer, let me out i've done my time
The only future for me was a life of crime


Man want fire, man want power
Since time began
Always a hero, always a rebel
With a gun in his hand

Fire power, fire power
In the hands of a madman

Look out danger, here he comes
Wanna place your bets
Take your changes - wheel of fortune
Russian roulette

Shadows in the night
And he's coming after you

Fallen angel rides with the devil
Down in hell
Gone in body, gone in spirit
Only time will tell

Smoking barrels tell the story
Take the power with the glory
Don't need brains, don't need muscle
Crazy people deal in trouble


Multi-vehicle pile-up, wreckage everywhere
People stop and stare
Violent prison breakout, protests on the roof
Killer on the loose

Write it down, turn it round
Black and white, dynamite
Things we say, that we do
Is this true?
What's in the news?
Read all about it

Dominated country, treating them like fools
Marshall law in rule
Working man he strikes out, never gets enough
Modern times are tough

What's the latest fashion, paper underwear
Do you really care?
Looking for the tv, what's in store tonight
Can't they get it right


Blazing is the sun over the horizon
Marching through the snow
Freezing to the core
Fighting back the pain, locked in mortal combat
Giving a path through a driving blizzard
Marking out a trail
Smashing the ice with muscle and hammer

To the limit, never stop
To the limit, to the top
Darkness calling, shadows fall
Hear me calling, hear my call

Fifteen thousand feet, danger all around us
Mother nature fights, will she ever rest
What is there to prove, climbing up a mountain
Why do we do it, why do we suffer?
Just because it's there
Maybe we're crazy, maybe we're madmen

Man will never stop searching for a challenge
Standing here, above
Nowhere left to go
Reaching into space, is this hell or heaven?
Never a day in the life of a sinner
Goes by without a cause
I'm on the top, i am a winner


Raging inferno, inside my head
Vision's hazy, driving me crazy
Senses are dead
You won't bring me down, turn my head around
Fingers a-tingle, panic tonight
No time to worry what's going to happen
Time is right
You won't bring me down, turn my head around

March through the battle zone
Lost inside this battle zone
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Danger, danger, danger, danger

Call me a liar, deal me an ace
Dead or alive we can survive
Taking the race
You won't bring me down, turn my head around
Too many people after my blood
Running for cover, trying to hide
But doing no good
You won't bring me down, turn my head around

Look for someone, where did it go
Tell me the month, tell me the day
I just don't know
You won't bring me down, turn my head around
The more that i'm giving, the more that you take
Tell me an answer, show me a reason
Give me a break
You won't bring me down, turn my head around


Poison in the heart, thunder in the soul
Fighting with your own insanity
Living in the age of power
Living in the age of might
I am the way of the fight

Heavy metal mayhem
Let me hear the ther on that guitar
One more battle scar
The faces will glow, the army will grow
Into the fire and out, and we're blazing

Live at the inferno

Look at me and listen, open up your eyes
Can you feel the trembling on the earth
We all do our best at failing the test
Black suits and bow ties won't rest

Burning blood and leather
Seven-fifty roaring through the crowd
Do you want it loud?
Tomorrow's today, you're wasting away
Into the fire and out, and we're blazing


Ten billion people look to the sky
Flooding their hearts with the tears that they cry
In the air is a nightmare threatening their lives
Painting the thunder with steel

Time to fly, shooting star
Into the black of the night
The world is in your hands
Star war
Is this the beginning of the end?

Into the fire and out from the cold
Reading the lines of the story that told us
To live and let live
Make no demands
Why do you come here and ruin our plans?

There is a race to be won
There is a race to be saved
The prayer is for the brave

Time to fly, shooting star
Into the black of the night
The world is in your hands

9. UXB

Get back you fools, i'm gonna take this one alive
You won't catch me, i have the will to survive

You threat, take care
Watch out, bomb scare
No sleep tonight, you got to time it right

Hot sweat like rain, is driving into my eyes
You laugh at me, there's no way you can survive

Red, black or white, i've got to time it right
Not much time, take it slow, easy now, don't let go
Tweezers pull, keep your cool
No demands for shaking hands

10. 20/21



Good rocking is what i need
We're getting ready the fight
Tomorrow's just another day
Gonna set this town alight - tonight
People, they just don't understand
What it means to me
Look into my eyes, can't you realise
That it's a madman you see

Burning hot, the beams will shine
Lighting up the sky
Ripping at your heart and soul
It's a chain reaction
Never ending power is what we will supply
Hold back the fire, then let it burn

Survival of the fittest
Is the name of the game
Come closer, let me see ya
You know we're all the same
Destruction on the faces
Of the new recruits
On your marks, are you ready?
We're gonna run with the devil


Woke up this morning - wrong side of the bed
You and your fooling make me see red
I'm cut out as much as i can
You and your fooling made me a man

You're in for the kill
You're in for the kill whatever
Whoever you are, i just don't care
The fact that we met, you're gonna regret, baby
I got a chainsaw in my hand
And it's spinning round and round

My mama told me - stay clear of girls
All that they are after is diamond and pearls
I'm cut out as much as i can
You and your fooling made me a man

I am the cat, baby, you are the mouse
Lock all your windows and stay in the house
I'm going crazy, my fever is high
My time to live, baby, your time to die