Wisdom tracks



Lines are broken
They've given motorskills
Take at face value the direction that suits you
Move with the pull
A generous function
The x-ray of today
The only one that greets you is the half-ass hand

Close to open
Don't give a shit
Take at face value the half-ass hand the one that deceives you
You'll follow the pull
Delirious function
Wake up from the dream
This one reality we have seen

Take it away it's put me to shame
The motorskill
Words come broken in a spinning world
Spinning through my head the direction that suits you
To cure of kill i'm walking with immortals
Etch the surface
Take it all away
Now we have seen
The motorskill

Lines come broken twisting you down
The crooked mind way with your head underground
Now you let them control you
The generated dream
The one they supplied you the one you've always seen


Deny all irritant
Like salt in open slit
Go on and swim in it
Like pools of guilt you spit
Feel pathetic frenzy feels better to hate than to tell
There's nothing around you
Make it up to purify your hell

Broken it
Dirty head
Stinging hint
Like ruin and lead

Tell me words of wisdom pouring of your neurotic tongue

Don't like this future trip
Not down with deadly clique
I'm just so decadent
The only plus of less
Use and regenerate
This lonely two side head
I guess i'm just paranoid
Deride pathetic

Losing it
Dirty sense
Phase of fall
Like i always said


I'm dreaming backwards to a fallen time
Just one voice scraping through a dying sky
This rushing view the broken demise
A ritual i know deep inside
Voice of granite – the head of stone
A soul searcher roaming alone
Stitching closing mouth – a hardened soul
Let your eyes become the head of stone

I'm cracking backwards angels fallen sign
A whisper voice screaming to a dying sky
This rushing life quickens time inside
And bats you over staring into the line
Although my throat is burning it must collapse from fear inside
And all the edges i polished from your view to change a mind i swear i tried

I am the head of stone

Isn't fiction what we make it as we struggle not to drown
Overloaded empty space the silence fills the head with sound
Imagine holding halos buried deep into the dirty ground
Changing time evolves opinion human lesson nature bound


Belief of wanting
Who shelled it out you see
I haven't found it yet
An amounting need
Throw a soul out
So tell a lore
Clenching it between the teeth
A guiding light makes it so bright
I don't see

Impails thee
Emptier shell
Holding up higher
Drowning a feeling
Impailing thee
The emptiest hell
Holding it higher
Drowning this feeling

You the understanding
Do you see with me too?
Dip an empty head in
Dip that empty head in
Reaching like the sun
It keeps on pulling
The same souls living
The same thing giving out

Once in my head
A flick of flint
Igniting one's self
Sting this hint
Can it be?
Take to eternity
If you come out again
Take this heaven
A filthy love of fire

Opening light
Bringing hail
A look at one's self hurts the eyes to bad


Now a million minds-a-many
All to tell us what we need
Stripped down in the land of plenty
Catapult the death machine
All the hands are blistered
All the minds are empty now
All in all hand over end
We die together

Wanting again
Showing again
We sold it for this?
Tiring again
Beside it again
The killer in me holds it again
Beside it again
Someone's trying to get me to change sides

Now a million faces drowning
All together purified
Stamped out a trigger decision
One in all they stand in line
All the answers are given
Truth in numbers multiply
All your thoughts are given
Wanting hand grabs all it can find

Everything in excess everything at all everything in excess 'till we fall


Guilty pride get shown to the light
One of no faith must pay the price
Live your life searching
Live your life searching
Forget all the answers that once meant something
Justify the color and drag through
Release all your doubts and see it's true
Open your mind to pre-answered ways
Here is your guidebook have a nice day

This belief is crumbling
Strip the signs break the wings
I've left so much inside i don't know if i can get it out
Inside my head my breath is paralyzed
Get down on your knees
I'll believe i'm being judged
I'm being judged
I'm being judged
I'm being judged

Man will fall get down man will fall
No man's will is that strong
Man will fall get down man will fall
Sped head first to crash wall

Now it's all gone
Couldn't change things
See what you made when it's too late
One two coming through
Down devastation
Down destination
Just a fixation
I guess i am broken
Life gets shown in despite one of no faith
Prays 525 and it was missing and it was missing in you


A wasted voice they send
No one believes this beauty that they receive
A sharpened point they said
The speed it's giving hidden message
The ash less breath again
Here comes the sun
Upheaval of new
As hatred grows again
Follow the leaders of life to the end
As hatred grows again
All of the sleepers coming down from their cause

Dreams of light
I've had them all my life
All the time
No i don't know a reason living in guilt

Shame inside these eyes again
Inside my head upheaval of new
Scrape through this life again
I truly tried i can not figure it out
Is it worth something?
So symbolic, a heaven
It seems to come out so messed up
It's faith depleting unrelenting