Zoloft Smile tracks



First ten rows, classroom seats
Dirty movies, twenty bucks a piece
You won't regret it, Led Zeppelin IV
Another no show, the Gremlin roars
Don't fear the reaper, Lincoln surrenders
Jefferson, my little brother

Earth, Wind, Fire
I'm not a fuckin' scalper
You owe me for this one

Call the shots, scare the band
Members Only, needs a hand
Halen hair, smoke upstairs
Women do respond, to cardboard stares
Brian Johnson, five point plan
Girls go haywire, my best friend

Not in my gym, take it somewhere else
Remember the horror roll, it's a guarantee
This is great iced tea, nothing's free
Seventy five, and a ride
You wanted it more than I did
You wanted it more than I did
Earth, Wind, Fire


I've got no future, I've got no life
Do I surrender, give up my knife
The thought of hate, it makes me wise
Can I remember, all my lies

If I had a heart
It would be gray

I love my mother, and don't know why
Commit to murder, then watch her die
I'm blaming God, no other choice
I have to follow, my inner voice

Hearing voices inside my head
Oh my God, I wish that I was dead
Hearing voices inside my head

I sit here all alone
I am always alone
It's easier to hate
Than love

I'm hearing voices inside my head


As children grow, change takes place
It hurts so bad, to carve a smile on my face

I can't wait
Six more weeks
Lost in Space
On my knees

When I feel rage, I shove the pills in my face

I won't work and you can't help
I've lost the urge to save myself
I kill myself
With crying spells
When I feel hate, I pull the skin off my face

Changes in the brain, depressed mood all day
Sexual dysfunction, with ejaculation delay
Trapped between, the good and bad
A world that does exist
Now I've got control of it
The mind that cannot rest


Spinning and falling
I'm lying down but still
I'm falling and can't stop
Moving and twisting
The rooms spinning around
And time won't stop

Swass the gweed
When I want to
Proberts still got time
Shaved her puss
Then we burned a few
True shags
Ain't hard to find

Dirty Mex is the origin
Of the smoke you know see
Split an ounce with my favorite friend
Feel the warmth on one knee

Buck has been there for all of us
In many times of need
Floating through the enchanted moat
Drifting yonder are three
Seek the relic of Remulak
Uranus and beyond
Herbal wizard waits for me
We're getting high at dawn

When I'm near you
I feel instincts
When I'm with you
I think of violence
When I look at you
I curse your soul
When I think of you
I lose control
I lose control


Two weeks survived
With fucking nothing
Low self esteem and
We're further buried

Career cancelled
Trapped in a cubicle
Career cancelled
I'm not an animal

I'm planning revenge
With lethal chemicals
Put concerned coworkers
In local hospitals

The workplace on fire

The workplace on fire


Lost, it is always on my mind
Hate, pick up the phone and hear me cry
Wrong, I've forgotten all my lies
Scared, now I've got nowhere to hide

Born to lose
Why can't I get away?

Lost, in the future and the past
Cursed, so how long does this last
Blind, it is what we fucking are
Truth, that I won't make it too far

Remember the time
When I had control?

Why can't I get away?

I got lost
I got hate
I got truth
I got lost


My state of mind
A perverted mess
I talk to myself
As I tear your dress

I've seen her on the street
In the grip of delusion
Lurking in the shadows
In my state of confusion

Scared of the sun
So I prowl at night
My target mission
To destroy your life

I will hunt you down
Cut off all your hair
Put it in my mouth
With your underwear

Look over your shoulder
You stabbed me in the back
I am over ten years older
Perfect for an attack

In the grip of delusion
I'm dangerous to myself
In the grip of delusion
You cannot scream for help
I'm dangerous to myself


It starts
It starts the day we're born
One step towards the Lord
Death is at the front door
Too bad I'm ignored

My mind's gone
Our time is up
The bottom line?
I am alone

Now I'm wearing diapers
Shit myself all day
Railing, cane or walker
Keeps me from falling

Someday I'll be gone
Dementia's taking hold
Forfeit to the floor
Look back on getting old

Senility now


I think I was born to lose
I thought I would have a chance
But my real dad bailed out
Before I was three years passed
Someone quickly filled the void
Locked me up for correction
But he never had a chance
My downhill lack of direction

You're not the boss of me
You're not my real dad anyways

Rebel in a disturbing manner
Life is too short to suffer
Third wheel tries to run my house
Obey my rules or get out
Gentle words of faith
Evil shouts of hate
Short lived bursts of praise
Large explosions of rage

You won't control my life
You're not my real dad anyways


Watch me as, I leap from
This narrow edge, overwhelmed in debt
Jerk the wheel, at high speeds
Nothing is real, overwhelmed in debt

I went to the closet
And picked up a bat
I found a stranger
To attack

Rob some banks, make ends meet
That won't work, I'm on TV


I'm pissed off and no one wants to fight me
I'm travelling down the river of insanity

I drink alone with moments of clarity
Only my cat understands me