Sylvain Navarro (Drums), Romain Gayton (Bass), Romain Chacornac (Keyboard), Hugo de Villoutreys (Guitar), Pierre Arnoux (Vocals, Guitar), Paul (Bass)

Aabsinthe is formed in 2001 by Pierre Arnoux (Guitars / Vocals), Hugo de Villoutreys (Guitars), and Sylvain Navarro (Drums).

At the beginning, the band’s music is a kind of melodic progressive death metal. In 2003, Romain Gayton (Bass) and Romain Chacornac (Keyboards) join the band. Aabsinthe plays its first shows during spring 2004, then starts recording its first self-produced LP in September 2004.

This first album is a collection of the band’s debut and marks the end of a period. “The Loss Of Illusions”, as well as the acknowledgement of the band through various media, now allows the band to play on bigger stages.

In 2006 Aabsinthe plays in support for bands like Gojira, Textures, Dew scented… And then signs a deal with Rupture Music. “The Loss Of Illusions” is out in stores in may 2006. In 2007, Aabsinthe records its second album, “In Search Of Light” with Sylvain Biguet.

It is a more complex and emotional work, inviting you to a dark and winding ride. .