Cauldron (CAN)

Cauldron (CAN)
Myles Deck (Drums [since 2012], Pith, ex-Hellacaust, ex-Myles Deck and the Fuzz), Jason "Decay" Junop (Vocals, Bass [since 2006], ex-Ash Lee Blade, ex-Forcefed, ex-Goat Horn, ex-Kill Cheerleader), Ian"Chains" Kilpatrick (Guitar [since 2006], Chainbreaker), Chris "Steve" Stephenson (Drums [2009-2011], Aggressor (CAN), Old James, ex-Skull Fist), Adam "Hamm" Brown (Drums [2012], Sixguns Over Tombstone, Striker), Christopher Chartrand (aka Chris Rites) (Drums [2008-2009], ex-Forcefed, ex-Zuku), Jason Mellish (aka Steel Rider) (Drums [2007-2008], Flying Fortress, ex-Goat Horn), Alan Chambers (aka Al Artillery) (Drums [2006-2007], Chainbreaker, Hassler, ex-Dawn Of Svarogh, ex-Diemonds, ex-Goat Horn, ex-Rammer, ex-Toxic Holocaust)

Cauldron started summer 2006 when Goat Horn stopped.

We play what we used to call heavy metal..