Abominable Putridity

Abominable Putridity
Alexander (Drums [since 2003], Vermicular Decay), Matti Way (Vocals [since 2009], Cinerary, Hydrocephalic, Obscured Secretions, Pathology, ex-Disgorge (USA)), Andrey Kuklin (Bass [since 2003], ex-Ease Of Disgust, ex-Vermicular Decay), Sergey Balayan (Guitar [since 2003]), Vladimir (Vocals [2004-2006]), Cameron Argon (Vocals [2006-2007], Disfiguring The Goddess, Burning The Masses, ex-Misericordiam, ex-Malodorous, ex-Dissever The Tyrant, ex-To Your Scattered Bodies Go), Serg (Guitar), Anton Zhikharev (Bass Back Door To Asylum, Fleshbomb, Neurogenic)

Formed in 2003 with Alex on drums/vocals and Pavel on guitar.

AP (former Devoured Entrails) began to play the most brutal and heaviest death metal in Russia, then early 2004 Vladimir (vocals), Nikita (bass) and Sergey (ex-Katalepsy) on guitar, joined the band but in 2006 for some reasons a half of line up leaving the band… Alex and Vladimir found Serg (guitar) and Andrew (bass) to prepare material for a first full length. After recording Sergey (guitar) joined the band and the first album “In The End of Human Existence” was released under Lacerated Enemy Records.

AP played a few live shows and start to write new material for the 2nd full length, but early 2009 Vladimir and Serg leaving AP to work on their own music projects…Within 2009 we found BIG C from Disfiguring the Goddess to join AP and start rehearsals and played live in Moscow, sad to say but it was the final AP live set…Then band start to record of the second full length in Cube Zero studio early 2010 and finished it by 2011, meanwhile BIG C decided to concentrate on DTG and the band start seeking vocalist again, we tried a lot of good singers worldwide but after we heard Matti’s tryout we send him all material and got highly produced and quality record, within first half of 2011 we got mixed and mastered master CD and the new album called “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” was released under Brutal Bands records (USA) in January 2012. After a big timeout in 2012 the band going to start record of 5-song EP in 2013 and now looking for a new label and sponsors.

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Russian Brutal Death Metal