Hell (I0), Malfeitor Fabban (Vocals, Bass, Keyboard Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor), Giulio Moschini (Guitar), Alex Noia (Guitar), Nysrok Infernalien (Guitar, Keyboard), Yorga S.M. (Vocals [1997-1999]), D. Belvedere (Drums Plasma Pool), Nysrok S. Sathanas (Guitar, Keyboard [1998-2007], Bloodline (SWE), Satanik Terrorists), Sethlans Teitan (Guitar [1997-2005], Bloodline (SWE), Dissection (SWE), Watain, Spiritual Ceremony), Attila Csihar (Vocals, Guitar, Programming [1999-2005], Tormentor (HUN), Mayhem (NOR), Korog, Plasma Pool, Burial Chamber Trio, Current 93, Grave Temple, ex-Keep Of Kalessin), Bard Eithun "Faust" (Drums Thorns, Impostor, Emperor, Scum (NOR), Blood Tsunami, Stigma Diabolicum, ex-Hesperus Dimension), Prime Evil (Vocals Amok (NOR), Mysticum)

Biography 1993-2016 http://www.aborym.it/background.html.

Discography 1993-2017 1993 - ABORYM ”Worshipping Damned Souls” demo 1999 - ABORYM ”Kali Yuga Bizarre” CD 2001 - ABORYM ”Fire Walk With Us” CD 2003 - ABORYM ”With No Human Intervention” CD 2006 - ABORYM ”Generator” CD 2013 - ABORYM "Dirty" CD/LP 2013 - "Camden Town" rmx for XP8 2014 - ABORYM "Dirty remix" 2014 - ABORYM "Live in Groningen" 2016 - ABORYM "SHIFTING.negative" CD/LP 2016 - "The Knot" rmx for WAVESCUT 2016 - "On the run" rmx for HATE INC. 2017 - ABORYM "Something for Nobody Vol.1" LP 2017 - Something for Nobody Sakrifice - motion picture 2017 - The Feathered Night - soundtrack

Playing unsafe since 1992