Roland Wurzer (Bass [since 1999], TrustNo1, ex-Evenfall, ex-Angry Angels), Michael Bachler (Drums [since 2013]), Alexandra Pittracher (Vocals [1999-2003, since 2013]), Mathias Nussbaum (Guitar [since 2001], TrustNo1), Raphael Lepuschitz (Keyboard [since 2001], TrustNo1), Moritz Neuner (Drums [1999-2013], Abigor, Siegfried, Dornenreich, Angizia, Enid, Korovakill, Evenfall (ITA), Graveworm, Atrocity (ALL)), Stephanie Meier (Vocals [2003-2013], Atargatis), Christian Filip (Back Vocals, Keyboard [1999-2001]), Roman Weinicke (Guitar [1999-2001])

Darkwell was born early 1999, with the aim and motivation to create alive and profound Gothic Metal.

All the bandmembers are experienced musicians. They know well how to inspire liveliness in their music, resulting in strong compositions and mature arrangements. 1999 DARKWELL signed a record-deal with the austrian label Napalm Records, and in march 2000 they started the recordings of their debut “Suspiria”.

They coupled fragile and though powerful female vocals with pounding guitarrs and pushing baselines. Shortly after entering the studio, the five went on tour with label-colleagues Tristania and The Sins of Thy Beloved.

This tour was crowned with success: They got booked for the Wave Gothic Meeting even before releasing their first record, followed by many shows and a tour with Graveworm and Vintersorg. In the year of 2002 DARKWELL composed the MCD „Conflict of Interest“. Once again they united the already characteristic dark sound with the angelic and feminine voice of Alexandra P.

The CD contains an expressive cover-version of Tanita Tikarams endless sad “Twist in my Sobriety” and sold far beyond all expected salesfigures. Based on this promising facts a headliner-tour with Ashes you leave, and a headliner-tour across the Netherlands resulted, as well as Festivals gigs at Eurorock, Skeleton Bash and 666-Festival. 2003 DARKWELL seperated from their former singer Alexandra, as personal and musical difficulties occurred, and started to search for a new dark front-beauty. Soon they discovered Stephanie M., emphasising even more Darkwell’s independent musical path.

After few rehersals Stephanie passed her glorious live-debut with the band at the Wave Gothic Meeting. She enchanted the audience with ther energetic live-show and bewitched everybody at the Summer Breeze 2003.

In 2004 Darkwell also did another headliner tour through Germany, Austria ans Switzerland! DARKWELLs CD „Metatron“ is a fusion of fire and night. It burns a warming afterglow in the heart of the listener.

The strong and womanly voice centers the sweeping compositions and gets affirmed by the rocking guitarrs, the pushing base and the challenging drum-lines. “Metatron” is a homage to the feminine magic of Gothic Metal and takes the listener into a world of bitter-sweet desire and delicious seduction by the beautifuy sirene Stephanie. The release of „Metatron“ was followed by a successful European tour with ATROCITY and LEAVES Eyes. 2005 followed a headliner tour with Vanitas. 2005-2007 was highlighted by a couple of festival appearances.

At that time cristallized that Darkwell needed a break and the band was layed on ice. In 2012 finally the energies and the fire returned and the members started to plan again.

Soon it was clear that the band decided to relaunch with original singer Alexandra Pittracher. Darkwell was finally back with an official reunion show at Wave Gothic Meeting 2014 in Leipzig. 2015 was consumed by composing and recording. But now the new record is finished, the „Moloch“ was smithed in the cold realm of Metropolis.

On 23rd of September it will leave the cold machine halls and will be released worldwide by Massacre records..

Legendary Austrian Goth Metal/Rock Band!