Death Angel

Death Angel
Rob Cavestany (Guitar [1982-1991] [since 2001], ex-Smokestack, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Organization, ex-The Past), Damien Sisson (Bass [since 2009], Nullsake, Potential Threat, Scarecrow (USA)), Will Carroll (Drums [since 2009], Scarecrow (USA), The Past, Warning SF, ex-Machine Head, ex-Mindzone, ex-Old Grandad, ex-Serpent Crown, ex-Ulysses Siren, ex-Warfare DC), Ted Aguilar (Guitar [since 2001], Scarecrow (USA), ex-Mudface, ex-Warfare DC), Mark Osegueda (Vocals [1984-1991] [since 2001], All Time Highs, ex-Silver Circus, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Past), Sammy Diosdado (Bass [2009], ex-The Sick), Gus Pepa (Guitar [1982-1991], ex-The Organization, ex-The Past), Dennis Pepa (Bass, Back Vocals [1982-1991] [1991-2008], founder member, Big Shrimp, ex-The Organization), Andy Galeon (Drums [1982-1991] [2001-2009], founder member, ex-Big Shrimp, ex-Depressor (USA), ex-Smokestack, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Organization, ex-The Past)

Not every band can live up to a legacy but every once in a while a group exceeds expectations by pushing boundaries in a genre they’ve helped create.

Among the youngest bands ever to storm the metal genre, Death Angel has come to be known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene in the early 1980s. An era when one could catch Cliff Burton (Metallica) at the front of the stage at Ruthie’s Inn banging his head to Death Angel’s inventive style, and speedy, complex arrangements.