Acid Bath

Acid Bath
Joseph Fontenot (Bass Daemon, Devourment (USA), Prophecy (USA), Shredding Lettuce, Shrum, Jacknife), Mike Sanchez (Guitar ex-Golgotha (USA-3), Agents Of Oblivion), Sammy "Pierre" Duet (Guitar Dark Carnival, Goatwhore, Vual, Ritual Killer, Crowbar, Walpurgisnacht (USA)), Tomas "Tommy" Viator (Keyboard Shrum, Dark Carnival, Disincarnate, Suffer (USA), Astaroth (USA)), Jimmy Kyle (Drums ex-Golgotha (USA-3)), Dax David Riggs (Vocals ex-Golgotha (USA-3), Daisyhead And The Mooncrickets, Agents Of Oblivion, Deadboy And The Elephantmen, Dax Riggs)

Despite only releasing two albums and an official bootleg DVD, Acid Bath have gained a strong underground following owing to the unique, experimental nature of their music. Acid Bath are best known for blending extreme, grindcore-influenced sludge metal with a mixture of death growls and melancholic goth/grunge-style vocals and acoustic guitar passages, as well as use of sampling and the spoken word poetry.

One of Acid Bath's most trademark sounds was the way in which they crafted multiple tempo changes and worked them into the song structure..

Legendary 90's band Acid Bath