Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem
A.K. (Guitar Frangar), Kaiser Wodhanaz (Vocals, Bass, Programming Antithesis (FRA), Eradication (FRA), The Call, Nonessencegenesis, Neardeath, Omnes Ad Unum, Frangar, Dead?), Rust (Drums), D.Nacht (Guitar), Thorns (Drums Aptorian Demon, Arcana Coelestia, Antares Predator, Deathrow (ITA), In Extremo Spiritu, Frostmoon Eclipse (ITA), Handful Of Hate, Hiems, Kult (ITA)), Altar (Drums session member, Crystalium, Arkhon Infaustus, ex-Ultimatum (FRA)), Valfadir (Bass session member, Noctis), Pwcca (Drums session member, Inkisitor, Eradication (FRA), Cantus Bestiae, ex-Christicide (FRA))


The band doens't deal with politics or so called races, but stands against enslaving religions by praising the cult of Oneself. So go fuck off with your goddamn NSBM, only Death & Cunt are real. Any insult or lack of respect will be deleted and profile will be blocked.

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