N. Evaristo (Guitar, Back Vocals), Blake MacReady (Drums), N. Armstrong (Vocals, Bass), Harry (Bass)

Adrenicide is definately one of Britain's premier crossover bands.

Formed in January 2002 by guitarist N. Evaristo.

The band's first line-up consisted of Nuno Evaristo (guitar/backing vocals) and Neil Armstrong (vocals/bass) two old school fuck-heads, on a mission to make pure 80's thrash/crossover. With absolutely no consideration for modern trends and with heads full of dumb-ass riffs, Adrenicide unleashed their first demo "Impropaganda" in January 2003.

The demo is brutal & primitive! certaintly, but it has the key ingredient missing today - memorable sing along songs that you can fuckin' headbang, mosh and form a circle to. The fall of 2004 saw the release of "All Went Black" - an album full of aggression and superior in both songwriting and production, it spawned instant classics such as: "Death From Above", "Murder Machine", and the crowds favourite "All Went Black". In April of 2005 the EP - "We Are Not Afraid" was released - a collection of old & unreleashed songs from the Adren - archives, along-side some covers of old shit like "Milk" by S.O.D., "Condemned System" by Terrorizer and others.

Adrenicide's search for suitable musicians, old school enough to join the Adren Army continued unavailed throughout 2006. But even that did not stop the band.

On a steady diet of beer, "D.R.I." and "Wehrmacht" albums, the band set about recording and producing the songs for the second full-length album - "Drunk With Power" released in November 2006. The response in the global metal underground scene was unanimously positive prompting “Lords of Metal” webzine to say: “thrashers, moshers & crossover freaks pay attention now, because I’m pretty sure Adrenicide will fuck you up…”.

"A+” reviews from all over the world, were hailing Adrenicide as true possessors of the 80’s vibe: “Neo-zine” saying: “I haven’t heard anything that made me want to dominate the circle/pit like this in a very long time”. "E-Metal Reviews" continued, exclaiming: “Goddamn-It feels like I just got my ass handed to me in the pit”.

Bigger zines also started to take notice. "Zero Tolerance Magazine" stating: “Fantastic fun and pretty damn good as well.

This is a real rush full of short, sharp, adrenaline injections…” Through mid 2007,with the help of friend N. Skidmore the band started rehearsing and jammin’ the ruff tracks that would later become the next CD.

Again elements of hardcore, punk & thrash were thrown into the mix. The resulting monster was “Raging Full On”.

With lyrics covering topics like : war, violence, injustice & murder to alcoholism, pollution, religion etc... On "R.F.O" you’ll hear a band sometimes deadly serious lyrically, yet still retained the sense of being dumb-asses and have fun. The reviews that followed were once again, almost all shouting the same slogan, “Adrenicide will kick your ass!” magazines as diverse as “Organ Magazine” and “Terrorizer Magazine, unanimous in their praise: “Organ Magazine” stating: “They got it nailed down and they got it nailed down good”.

“Terrorizer” proclaiming: “The songs are very short, very sweet & shamelessly old school…Adrenicide’s material is specifically designed to whip up a circle pit frenzy.” Perhaps ”Undbound zine” hit the nail on the head by claiming ”Raging Full On” could have easily been released in the 80’s…”. “Profane Existence Magazine” echoed these sentiments: “Adrenicide maybe the U.K.’s best kept secret…Like a flashback to ’86.” Arguably the greatest comment a band could be given.

'86?. High praise indeed! Around this time Blake MacReady (Nick Skidmore) became more of a permanent fixture in the band and joined full time in May 2008.

More rehearsing, more writing, more influences, more fighting and yet more Beer. Which of these factors was the most important is debatable, but something which was added to the mix, resulted in Adrenicide writing songs like: “Celebrate The Blade”,“Fed To The Sharks", "Born Drunk" and "Primitive Logic…" - Legislating for the usual chaos (arguments and companies taking the piss, etc…), “Natural Born Thrashers” was finally released in October 2008.

And on December the same year the band enter the studio to record the first full-length video, for the song "Primitive Logic..." - with Blake MacReady sitting his ass down firmly on the drum-stool. The video was recorded and produced by long time friends Phil Ray and Madz, and co-produced by Adrenicide in (Windsor/England). In early March 2009 the psychos from Slough began writing & recording the tracks that would eventually metal-morphosise into the next album; "Kill".

The songs this time around were allowed more time to develop. Not that the band abandoned the short, 1000 m.p.h blasters: there are still songs like: "Ravenous Metal" and "No Plan-B" they are short, not-so-sweet, and fuckin' brutal! "Kill" was also re-released in a different package for the central and south American market via EBM Records (Mexico) where Adrenicide's brand of crossover is striking a mighty chord with the thrashers over there.

"Try and grab a copy, if you can, as im sure at some point it may become a collectors item". In october 2009 the band had the pleasure head-ache of trying to pick out tracks for the "compilation/best of" album titled "Pioneers in The Land of the Mad" released by Denim & Leather Records (U.K).

It includes old favourites/classics like "All Went Black", "Ward 13", "Form A Circle", "Drown In Beer", "Justice?","Celebrate The Blade", "Primitive Logic..." and many more. There are 26 tracks in total, and over an hour of face ripping, moshin' and beer drinkin' music. Short after, Adrenicide announced the arrival of a new member to their ranks, Rod"Rocket"Holdstock" as the new bass player.

Sometime in 2009 Neil developed a continuous pain in his hands due to an on-going problem with R.S.I (Repetitive Strain Injury). and he was no longer able to play the bass.

In June 2010 he parted ways with Adrenicide due to unresolved issues and commitment with the band. "We wish him the best of luck for all future endeavours.".

Nuno Evaristo has taken over the vocal duties. War Begs No Mercy was released by Slaney Records (Ireland) in November 2010. The first Adrenicide album to feature Rocket on the bass strings.

Adrenicide continue to be one of the only true old school bands in the country. To them, it’s about the songs, the lyrics, the fun; the whole deal.

You know this band will still be standing once the band wagon jumping copy-cats have long since folded. Remember the true spirit of the 80’s metal scene - thrashers, punks, moshers, drunks -unite and let’s all shout the same fuckin’ thing: “THRASH ISN’T BACK: IT NEVER FUCKIN’ WENT AWAY!.” Stay true. .

Thrash til Death!