Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
Steve Harris (Bass, Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 1975], ex-Gypsy's Kiss, ex-Smiler), Bruce Dickinson (Vocals [1981-1993] [since 1999], Bruce Dickinson, ex-Samson, ex-Speed), Janick Robert Gers (Guitar [since 1990], ex-White Spirit, ex-Gillan, ex-Gogmagog, ex-Bruce Dickinson, ex-Ian Gillan Band), Michael Henry "Nicko" Mc Brain (Drums [since 1982], Mc Brain Damaged Band, ex-Streetwalkers, ex-Pat Travers Band, ex-Lionheart, ex-Trust, Whocares), Dave Murray (Guitar [since 1976], ex-Hear 'n Aid, ex-Urchin), Adrian Smith (Guitar [1980-1990] [since 1990], Primal Rock Rebellion, ex-ASAP, ex-Broadway Brats, ex-Bruce Dickinson, ex-Hear 'N Aid, ex-Psycho Motel, ex-Urchin), Dave Sullivan (Guitar [1975]), Clive Burr (Drums [1978-1982], died 13/03/2013, ex-Trust, ex-Stratus (UK), ex-Gogmagog, ex-Elixir, ex-Praying Mantis, ex-Desperado), Blaze Bayley (aka Bayler Cook) (Vocals [1994-1999], Blaze Bayley, ex-Wolfsbane), Dennis Stratton (Guitar [1980], ex-Lionheart, ex-Praying Mantis), Dennis Wilcock (Vocals [1976-1977], ex-Smiler), Paul Di'anno (Vocals [1978-1981], Paul Di'Anno, ex-Gogmagog, ex-Battlezone, ex-Killers), Doug Sampson (Drums [1977-1980]), Paul Mario Day (Vocals [1975-1976], ex-More, ex-Wildfire, ex-The Sweet), Barry Thunderstick (Drums [1977], ex-Samson), Terry Wapram (Guitar [1977]), Bob Sawyer (Guitar [1976]), Tony Parsons (Guitar [1979]), Terry Rance (Guitar [1975-1976]), Ron "Rebel" Matthews (Drums [1975-1977]), Paul Cairns (Guitar [1979])

Since their explosion on the scene in the early eighties IRON MAIDEN have been hailed as one of the UK's greatest live acts of all time with their fiery brand of music, spectacle and live performance all of which has excited their fans around the planet for over three decades.