Avsky (Bass [since 2006], Ondskapt), Smoker (Drums [2007-2008]), Acerbus (Guitar [since 2006], Ondskapt), TotalScorn (Vocals [2006-2009], Zavorash), Talon (Guitar [2008], Bloodshed, Finntroll, Rev 16), Nattdal (Guitar ex-Ondskapt, ex-Lifelover, ex-Dimhymn, died 09/09/2011), Hrafn (Drums [2008], session member, Devil's Whorehouse), Magnus "Devo" Andersson (Keyboard [2007-2009], Marduk (SWE), Overflash, Cardinal Sin (SWE), ex-Sargatanas Reign, ex-Allegiance (SWE)), Selin (Drums [2006-2007], Libricum)

Up to 2010 had IXXI released three albums and Elect Darkness released by Candlelight Records was the last studio album before the band was put to the grave.

About two years later was the band resurrected with a new formation and released Skulls n Dust through Osmose Productions in 2014. Since the release has the band been performing more frequently for every year and toured across Europe several times besides all festival shows together with many of the scenes most prominent bands.

The mark of the band has become a intense and rough live show that leaves no one unmarked..