Khorus (Bass [since 2004], founder member, ex-Astrofaes), Konstantin "Khaoth" Zmievskiy (Drums, Percussions [since 2004], ex-Flying, ex-Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Nokturnal Mortum, ex-Hate Forest, ex-Limited Mutanter, ex-Apeiron, ex-Litia), Helg (Vocals, Guitar [2004-2010] [since 2011], Ulvegr, Ygg, ex-Runes Of Dianceht, ex-Thunderkraft), Jurgis (Vocals, Guitar [since 2010], Faces of Death), Wortherax (Guitar ex-Nokturnal Mortum), Saturious (Keyboard Finist, Piorun, ex-Nokturnal Mortum, ex-Runes Of Dianceht, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Lucifugum (UKR), ex-Anthropolatri, ex-Vetche), Nort (Guitar [2005-2009], Nagual, ex-Ulvegr, ex-Scorbut, ex-Vermis Mysteriis), Warth (Guitar [2009-2011], Faces Of Death)

In 2004 Khorus left ASTROFAES band for establish his own one having invited Khaoth (ex - HATE FOREST, ex- ASTROFAES, TESSARACT) as drummer in to.

August of 2004 is considered the birthday of new band with the name KHORS. In Autumn the same year Helg (RUNES OF DIANCEHT) invited to the band as guitarist/vocalist and recording of debut album started in the end of the year in Audio Alchemia Studio.

The recording of debut album entitled “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” is over in the beginning of 2005. There were musicians from NOKTURNAL MORTUM and FINIST who helped with the record namely Saturious, the keyboardist and Wortherax, lead guitarist accordingly.

The album was mixed and mastered by Michael ‘Maiden’ Smirnov in Buddha Cat Studio, Moscow, RU and then released by Oriana Music in April 2005. In Autumn the same year the band’s line-up was reinforced by guitar player Nort (NAGUAL) and KHORS started to play live shows. The recording of the second album was started in February 2006 in M-Art Studio and Audio Alchemia Studio.

Saturious and Wortherax helped with the record again and mastering and mixing was done by Michael ‘Maiden’ Smirnov as it was with the first record. The album was entitled “Cold” released by Oriana Music in December 2006. In the late Autumn of 2007 the band entered Blacklight Studio for recording the third album.

The recording is over till Summer 2008. The same time “Cold” album was released by Heidenwut Productions (UK) together with Ancient Nation Production (Ukraine) on LP and Eclectic Productions released DVD “Cold Ways” which contains video bootleg filmed during band’s concert activity.

In the end of 2008 third album entitled “Mysticism” was released on digipack CD by Paragon Records (USA). In 2009 “Mysticism” album was licensed by Irond Records (Russia) especially for CIS territories. In the middle of 2009 the band got line-up changed.

Nort, guitar player was replaced by Warth who played with FACES OF DEATH band before. The recording of fourth full-length album was started in the beginning of 2010 in Blacklight Studio and finished in June. The album entitled “Return To Abandoned” is out on Paragon Records and especially licensed for CIS territories by Irond Records just as its predecessor album.

In Summer of 2010 Helg was compelled to leave the band due to his family circumstances and was replaced by Jurgis (ex- GURGABS, FACES OF DEATH, ВАЙТМАРА) In Spring of 2011 Bootleg DVD was released entitled “Winter Stronghold” by Eclectic Producions. In Summer the same year the guitarist Warth suddenly left the band and the same time Helg, the original guitar player and singer is back..

the Voice of Ukrainian Underground and Atmospheric Dark Art since 2004