François Blanc aka Walran (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2007], Abduction, Betray-Ed), Rosarius (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard [since 2007], Abyssanctum), Ronnie (Drums [since 2009], ex-Arogath)

It’s not unusual to see a great story emerging from the coincidence of very common facts… And that day of March 2007, when Walran read the review of Saturnus’ “Veronika Decides To Die” in some random French webzine, he could have never guessed that Rosarius - the most talented author of this beautifully written article - would become one of his closest friends and greatest musical partner. The two musicians met in Avignon, city of art and culture, during the great Theatre Festival, in July 2007.

As the link and complicity were even better in real life than it was on the Internet or via phone calls, they decided to consider the crazy idea they had mentioned several times on a humorous note over late-night reflections: starting a doom metal project. A fascinating, shimmering musical encounter, that would cross, mix and melt the influences of the duet.

Whereas Rosarius was into gothic music, Walran bear with him a very personal folk touch. Both of these unexpected influences would make their way into a slow, majestic sorrowful metal music.

ANGELLORE was born. The “Ambrosia”-demo was written and recorded in August 2007 at Walran’s place, an ancient house overhanging a forest-covered hill. The perfect place to reach for enlightenment of inspiration and express feelings of contemplation and despair.

Three demo-songs were composed & recorded in a very short time. The doom/folk song “Weeping Ghost”, the tremendous gothic tune “Freeze The Sun”, and a very moving piano ballad, “Evening Of Solitude”.

Rosarius naturally stood out as the main composer, taking care of guitars and some of the keyboards & vocals, whereas Walran assumed the other half of the keyboards and vocals, and imposed himself as a producer. Even if the skills of composition were there, the sound-quality was disappointing and not able to honour those first attempts.

Nevertheless, the duet decided to put these songs on Myspace as an official proof of their existence. And without any promotion, they grabbed the attention of a Portuguese musician named Marcos Marado, responsible of the ambient/experimental project Merankorii, who proposed them to be part of a split CD with him! This split CD was released in February 2009 via Nekrogoat Heresy Productions in a 60-copie limited edition that quickly became sold-out.

In the meantime, ANGELLORE composed and recorded two EPs; the contemplative “Les Promesses de l’Aube” (2008) and the gothic and cryptic “Elégies aux Ames Perdues” (2009), which received some very flattering reviews and feedbacks. The great amount of positive reactions to this home-made works encouraged Walran & Rosarius to take ANGELLORE to the next level.

They hired Ronnie (drums), an old Walran’s friend met in high school, and got some help from Catherine “Cathy” Arquez, a well-established violin player. In December 2009, they entered the Studio AV run by Florent Krist (guitarist in CYNIC’s band members’ side project AEON SPOKE), and recorded their first full length, “Errances”. Produced by the same Florent Krist and mastered by Markus Skroch from the Kalthallen Studios (HEL, MYRKGRAV, ELANE, NATTSOL…), “Errances” is the first signature of the band, the real testimony of Walran and Rosarius’ melancholic souls, a deep dive into a forsaken world of grief and frozen beauty.

Taking the best ingredients from gothic and folk music, ANGELLORE’s unique doom metal will fill your expectations and take you by the hand to a journey you would never forget. And the rest of the story is yet to be written… .

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