Alyosha Danisi (Bass), Domenico Mele (Guitar), Nicola Bavaro (Vocals), Max Marzocca (Drums), Raffaele Fanelli - (Vocals), Michael Maggi (Bass), Lorenzo "Funji " Signorile (Bass), Marco Aromatario (Guitar), Vito Laterza (Bass), Mike Tarantino (Vocals)

THE STORY SO FAR: If you're talking about death metal and looking to Italy you cannot do it without referring to Natron. Initially influenced by certain 80's thrash metal ala Coroner, Voivod and Slayer and by the uncompromising brutality of death/grind masters like Suffocation Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Entombed , NATRON are now legendary purveyors of a unique blend of death metal and grind core. Hailing from the igneous shores of the mighty south of Italy , Natron formed back in may 1992 and their sound is since considered a benchmark which constantly evoluted through their 7 records.

After they made a name for themselves in the underground scene with two demo tapes, “Force” (november 1994) “A taste of blood” (july 1997) and a mini album “Unpure” (recorded in april 1996 but finally released by Nocturnal Music in november 2000) they released their 1st full length album “Hung, drawn & quarterted” (Headfucker Records) in december 1997, capturing the attention of French Holy Records. After signing with the Paris based label the band released “Negative prevails” (june 1999) and “Bedtime for mercy”(november 2000) both recorded in Sweden at the legendary Abyss studios, property of Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy/Pain fame.

Then came “ Necrospective” (november 2002) to celebrate the first ten years of the band, and their most critically acclaimed album (mixed by Anders “Konkhra” Lundmark at the Starstruck studios in Copenhagen) “ Livid Corruption” in ( 22 )november 2004. Five years of massive touring, serious line up changes and with a long record deal with Holy Records expiring, the band finally put their 6h full length studio album “Rot among us” (Metal Age Productions) back 'til ( 20 ) October 2009. After touring extensively in support of "RAU" album, in March 2011 Natron enter the studio to re-record old songs included in the debut album and mini for a new brutal release.

This work marks the return to the good old brutal times, a sort of “back to basics” album to get the old brutality out to the newer fans who missed the early days of the band. The “Grindermeister” album is out on Southern Brigade Records ( distributed worldwide by Scarlet Records ) on April 30th 2012 to celebrate 20 years in the life and career of Natron. Renowned for being a hard working band, these veterans solidified their status of respectable european old school death metal band and after that nicknamed “ the italian godfathers of death”! In more than two decades of career they have been producing quality albums obtaining great reviews in Rock Hard, Metallian, Terrorizer, Aardshock, Hard & Heavy, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer and many more world magazines and with the intense touring work and festivals appearances Natron played every corner of Europe including France, Spain, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Makedonia Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece sharing the stage with the best world death metal acts like Obituary, Overkill, Marduk,Messhuggah, Napalm Death, Entombed,Disfear, Edge of Sanity, My Dying Bride, Brutal Truth, Pungent Stench,God Dethroned, Centinex, Inhume, Suffocation, Necrophagist, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Septic Flesh, Behemoth, Origin, Cryptopsy, Hate Eternal,Pandemia, Mastic Scum, Misanthrope, Cephalic Carnage, Grave, Exhumed, Aborted, Decapitated, Fleshgod Apocalypse,Hour of Penance, Deicide, Prostitute Disfigurement, Vader, Gama Bomb, Havok,Watain, Carpathian Forest, Mumakil, Disgorge, Deranged, Avulsed and many others ( also including acts like Stratovarius, Lacuna Coil,Virgin Steele, GBH). In March 2013 Natron entered the SunKeeper studio to record "Virus Cult" and "Vision Conquest" a Napalm Death cover for a 7"EP, released in june 2014.

The band toured Europe in october 2014 and september 2015 to promote it. DISCOGRAPHY: demotapes: 1994: FORCE (500 copies ltd) 1997: A TASTE OF BLOOD (300 copies ltd) albums: 1996: UNPURE mcd (Nocturnal Music) released 2000 1997: HUNG,DRAWN & QUARTERED (Headfucker Records) 1999: NEGATIVE PREVAILS (Holy/SPV) 2000: BEDTIME FOR MERCY (Holy/Sony) 2002: NECROSPECTIVE (Holy/SPV) 2004: LIVID CORRUPTION (Holy/SPV) 2009: ROT AMONG US (Metal Age Prod.) 2012: GRINDERMEISTER (Southern Brigade/Scarlet Records) 2014: VIRUS CULT (Blasphemous Art Productions) RELATED BAND LINKS: .

Rotting since 1992

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