Karl Sanders (Vocals, Guitar [since 1993], founder member, Karl Sanders, ex-Morriah), George Kollias (Drums [since 2004], ex-Cerebrum, ex-Extremity Obsession, ex-Nightfall (GRC), ex-Sickening Horror, ex-System Shock, ex-The Circle Of Zaphyan, ex-Týr (DK)), Brad Parris (Vocals, Bass [since 2015]), Dallas Toler-Wade (Vocals, Guitar [since 2000], Narcotic Wasteland, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, ex-Teratosis (USA)), Derek Roddy (Drums [2000], session member, Menace (UK), Serpents Rise, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Deboning Method, ex-Divine Empire, ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Malevolent Creation), Chief Spires (Vocals, Bass [1993-2001], founder member, ex-Morriah, ex-Shaitan Mazar), Pete Hammoura (Drums [1993-2000], founder member, Psycho Spoon, ex-Karl Sanders, ex-Morriah), Tim Yeung (Drums [2003], live member, ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Divine Heresy, ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Vital Remains, ex-World Under Blood), Tony Laureano (Drums [2002-2004], Eulogy, Insidious Disease, Naphobia, ex-Acheron (USA), ex-Angelcorpse, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Brujeria, ex-Malevolent Creation), Todd Ellis (Vocals, Bass [2012-2015]), Steve Tucker (Vocals, Bass [2005], live member, Morbid Angel, Warfather, ex-Nader Sadek), Jon Vesano (Vocals, Bass [2001-2005]), Joe Payne (Vocals, Bass [2005-2007], live member, Domination Through Impurity, ex-Psycroptic, ex-Divine Heresy, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, ex-Lust Of Decay), Chris Lollis (Vocals, Bass [2007-2012], ex-Lecherous Nocturne), John Ehlers (Guitar [1996-1997], ex-Shaitan Mazar)

Nile was formed in 1993 and has been unleashing brutal Egyptian and Lovecraftian inspired Death Metal upon the masses non-stop ever since.

Take a listen and you will discover an epic array of soundscapes filled with brutal, technical, unique, and legendary metal! Every album holds its own unique character, leading many long-time fans to pick a "favorite", which is always challenged by the next latest release. .

"Vile Nilotic Rites" is available NOW via Nuclear Blast Records. Order, listen, or download at: