Nuclear Vomit

Nuclear Vomit
?ukasz 'Vaginathor' Gli?ski (Vocals Infatuation Of Death, Ulcer Uterus, Dira Mortis, ex-Epitome), Perkinz (aka Terrorvomitseparathor) (Guitar Hatethorn, Underdamped System, ex-Thorsmork), Karol 'Ulcer' Cie?lik (Vocals Ulcer Uterus, Call Ov Unearthly, ex-Hetzer, ex-Crucifire Moon), Mariusz 'Faja (aka Rottenvaginaltormentor)' Gli?ski (Bass Infatuation Of Death), Mariusz 'Baron von Bu?a' Paw?owski (Drums), Necrogoredevastator (Bass Necrocide, Thorsmork, Sturmgewehr666), Prezes (aka Pathologicalannihilator) (Drums Hegemoon)

Nuclear Vomit was formed in 2005 in Poland by four alcohol tasters from Czestochowa - Grendalf, Perkinz(aka Terrorvomitseparathor), Necrogoredevastator and Prezes(aka Pathologicalannihilator).

After few months Grendalf was replaced by Ulcer (from UlcerUterus), and this line-up made in HOM Studio first demo-cd called BESTIAL MASTURBATION during summer 2006. After release demo Necrogoredevastator was replaced by Faja (aka Rottenvaginaltormentor) (from Infatuation of Death, IncinerateInfection).

Second vocalist Vaginathor (from Infatuation of Death and UlcerUterus) joined to NV in 2007. New stuff was recorded in the end of 2007 in Haunted House Studio.

In march of 2008 NV signed contract with MAD LION RECORDS, and released 21.11.2008 first full lenght CD "OBORA" . In the beginning of 2010, Prezes was relieved by Baron von B.

(from Infatuation of Death, Requiem, IncinerateInfection), and NV made new stuff (records made with help of Cargool (UDS, Hatethorn), and Muzz (Chaos Engine Research), in HauntedHouseStudio and in RC Studio, mix/mastering by Kriss from HauntedHouseStudio). Second full lenght material called "KORYTO" was released 11.11.2011...

In the beginning of 2013, Buła decided to quit band (take care, mate!), and he was replaced by Jack (from Depopulate). End of 2013 brought 3-way split with FAM (PL) and Grindbashers (NL) called "Radical Circus Team". Beggining of 2016 brought new full time cd called "CHLEW" (recorded in Nona-art, Surów Studio and Haunted House Studio). It's end of "PIG THRILOGY", but it's not our last word...

In january of 2018, Faja decided to stop playing, so he became a band menager and Nelek (FAM, Squash Bowels) became a new bass player. New stuff very soon!!!.