Pissing Razors

Pissing Razors
Joe Rodriguez (Vocals), Eddie Garcia (Drums), Matt Lynch (Guitar), Rick Valles (Bass), Andre Acosta (Vocals), Jason Bragg (Vocals), Cesar Soto (Guitar), Matt Defabio (Guitar)

PISSING RAZORS is an American punk/groove-based heavy metal band formed in El Paso, Texas in the early 1990s during the height of music's most churning and choppy waters.

Formed by founding member and tenured drummer Eddy Garcia with guitarist Mat Lynch in 1993, their sole purpose was to counter the boom in bland pop-culture mainstream music of that era with a tone loud and aggressive in ferocity and create a cross-platform of elements bridging 'Punk' ideals with aspects of high energy underground hardcore 'Metal'. Essentially, they wanted to create music listeners could still 'groove' to and connect with that was over the top both visually and sonically.

That goal remains so today. While ‘Grunge' continued its rapid climb to dominate the radio charts and reshape the early 90’s musical landscape, classic ‘Thrash' still bellowed strong from the depths of heavy metal's guts and PISSING RAZORS was part of a new era of oncoming brutality for the genre.

Commercialism was never the intended target goal for PISSING RAZORS and its clearly apparent with the bands cringeworthy moniker. Marketing the group has always been a slippery slope due to the extreme nature of its name but the 'take it or leave it' attitude the group abides by has always worked well to their benefit and garnered them respect from fans.

In their formative years as part of their nightly show, members would trade instruments on stage to reflect the flexibility and cohesiveness of their bond and talents while showcasing their brand of chaotic showmanship. Literally explosive in nature, the band were also known to ‘blow things up’ on stage during their set with large amounts of gun powder nightly which sounds astounding and extraordinary, but this legend holds true.

Within this formula, the group classified themselves as 'Psycho, Punko, Metal Groove'; a popular term the band still describes themselves as today and associates themselves with many years later... Their first effort, 'Psycho-Punko-Metal-Groove', was a self-funded and self-produced release that caught the attention of German/Los Angeles-based label Noise/Modern Music Records while gigging in Los Angeles, CA in 1996/97.

PISSING RAZORS was subsequently signed to the label shortly thereafter and released their break-out self/titled CD the following year, PISSING RAZORS (Noise Records/1998), which was recorded at famed Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas with British master-mind producer Andy Sneap(Megadeth, Testament, Accept). Immediately following the release of their first effort, the band hit the road and toured non-stop throughout the United States, Canada and Europe with such legendary acts as PRO-PAIN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SIX FEET UNDER, HATEBREED, SKINLAB and ANTHRAX to name a few notables. Reviews for the group's material and live performances were very strong and the fan base grew exponentially as their tours carried on from town to town with time.

The following year and without hesitating for a break, the band would return to the studio once again with Sneap heading the charge on the sessions for the follow-up sophomore effort set in Celle, Germany at Area 51 Studios outside Hamburg, Germany. 'CAST DOWN THE PLAGUE' was released in early 1999 as the follow up 13 song onslaught of groove and power that reflected the groups progression and distinction in its field as a top contender in the metal genre.

It remains one of the RAZORS most highlighted efforts still nearly 20 years later with reviews still very strong to this day of its sonic relevance. In 2000, the band was asked to contribute a song for a PANTERA tribute album, entitled 'PANTHER: A TRIBUTE TO PANTERA' from Eclipse Records.

They provided the opening track, Domination which was recorded in New Jersey at Billy Milano's(SOD, MOD) 'Big Blue Meanie Studios'. Following their addition to the compilation for 'PANTHER', PISSING RAZORS returned once again to Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Tx outside of El Paso to track their third monster effort 'FIELDS OF DISBELIEF' with producer Sterling Winfield(PANTERA).

Reviews remained extremely positive and the group once again embarked on more touring to support the effort and spread word on PISSING RAZORS along side some of metals strongest acts. The formula of studio, tour, studio, tour proved beneficial for the groups reputation as a hard working small town band with meager budgets and a DIY attitude. Later in 2000, the band signed to Spitfire Records opening up the possibility to record and release the bands fourth effort 'WHERE WE COME FROM' (Spitfire Records, 2001).

Immediately following WWCF, 'LIVE IN THE DEVILS TRIANGLE' (Spitfire Records, 2002) was the groups next effort which was the groups only 'Live' release to date and titled after the nickname given to an area of town in Northeast El Paso and featured the band's actual highly recognized touring RV on the cover complete with bull horns gracing the front end of the vehicle. In 2002, the band recorded their final studio effort 'EVOLUTION'.

(Spitfire Records, 2003). During what seemed to be a good breaking point, the group disbanded shortly afterwards in the summer of 2004 due to scheduling conflicts and a need to let the dust settle some so to speak. After a considerable hiatus, PISSING RAZORS founding members Eddy Garcia, Mat Lynch and Joe Rodriguez began discussing plans to reunite and recapture elements of the groups early attack and approach to songwriting and recording in December of 2014 along with newcomer and key role player Geo Gomez on bass.

With scheduling priorities back in place and a likeminded unity in vision lining up, PISSING RAZORS are now in the studio writing towards a new studio effort focused on their signature musical ferocity, venomous subject matter and classic unmistakeable signature groove....If you've yet to hear a PISSING RAZORS album or experience a show after nearly a quarter century of the groups existence, you've undoubtedly never seen punk groove metal in the same light... .

PISSING RAZORS is an American groove-based heavy metal band that was formed in El Paso, Texas in the early 1990s as a means to counter the boom in standard pop-culture mainstream music at the time. The initial focus of the project was to create a cross-platform of elements to bridge 'Punk' ideals and messages with the hardcore musical aspects of high energy underground 'Metal' that listeners could still groove to and connect with.