Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath
Rob Thorne (Vocals, Guitar), Kenny Evans (Drums), Scott Waite (Bass), Bill Smith (Guitar)

Sacred Oath has been crafting their particular brand of US metal since 1985.

Their debut album “A Crystal Vision” (1988) is widely regarded as a cult classic piece of seminal US power metal, and they’ve followed that up with six more solid studio albums, including “Darkness Visible”, “Sacred Oath”, and “World On Fire”. The band also recorded a live album “Till Death Do Us Part” (2008) at the legendary Keep It True Festival in Germany which iTunes selected as a Top Ten metal album that same year.

Originally formed while the band members were all high school students in Bethel Connecticut, Rob Thorne (vocals/guitars) and Kenny “Thundarr” Evans (drums) are the only remaining original members. Joined by Bill Smith (2007, guitar) and Brendan Kelleher (2009, bass) these four mark the current lineup on their newest album “Twelve Bells” being released worldwide on May 12th 2017. Sacred Oath will embark on a 20+ date US tour beginning in early May and is hopeful about getting back to Europe in 2018 for live performances. .

The band was formed in 1985 and, after releasing two cassette demos, signed with Mercenary Records and released "A Crystal Vision" in 1988. Since then, their debut has become a cult classic in the genre and they followed it with 7 more studio albums, a live album recorded in Europe, and a "best of" collection. The most recent album "Twelve Bells" will be released worldwide May 12 2017.

Old school metal in the modern world