Seraphim (TWN)

Seraphim (TWN)
Mars Liu (Bass), Quinn Weng (Vocals), Thiago Trinsi (Guitar), Kessier Hsu (Vocals, Guitar ex-Assassin (TWN)), Van Shaw (Drums), Pay Lee (Vocals died 30/07/2011), Trevor X (Guitar), Lucas Huang (Guitar), Dan Chang (Guitar), Michael (Bass), Howe Chen (Guitar), Simon Lin (Drums), Jax Yeh (Vocals, Bass), Minco Lu (Bass)

Seraphim, an amazing heavy metal band from Taiwan, features Melodic Power Metal.

Its style of music has been widely recognized on many heavy metal websites in more than 35 countries in European, American, Asian, and Oceanian continents. Because of five members' efforts and fans' support, Seraphim has become the top-ranking band among the Melodic Power Metal bands in Taiwan. As soon as established in 2001, Seraphim has caught the attention of Magnum Music, which later signed the contract with this band.

Up to now, three albums had been issued, including The Soul that Never Die, The Equal Spirit, and Ai. The production of these three albums was assisted by Fredrik Nordstorm in Studio Fredman in Sweden, and the overdubbing was assisted by Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila in Finnvox Studio in Finland.

These albums were appreciated by famous album publishers in Japan, Spain, and Russia. Seraphim has become the only band touching the European continent, the cradle of heavy metal.

This band is named the star of Asia by Castle of Pagan, one of the famous Japanese heavy metal websites. Right now, the albums of Seraphim are available in more than forty one websites of countries in the world, and they are expected to be accessible in more other countries. Seraphim is widely known in the international music circles.

The member of Seraphim have received an amount of interviews with a lot of mass media, including the Burrn! magazine in Japan, NHK in Japan, the Japanese Chinese magazine, well-known critic in Japan -- Captain Wadas interview, "Dreamkeeper" live program radio show of Moscow, Music InFection TV of Moscow, ATV in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong's HOLE magazine. To thank for the fans support, all members of Seraphim routinely stroll around Taiwan.

In addition, they have been frequently invited to perform overseas. For instance, they were once invited to perform in Beijing Midi Music Institute, and Muisc Festival in Kun-ming.

Moreover, it has begun its first World Concert Tour since 2004, and the sites include (1) Taipei, Taichung, and kaohsiung in Taiwan, (2)Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, (3) Hung Hom in Hong Kong, (4) Moscow in Russia, (5)Krefeld/DOA Festical and Cosfeld in Germany, and (6) Beijing and Shanghai in China. In 2006, the lead Vocal – Quinn had invited to performe a new song in the new album of "Beto Vazquez Infinity", the album called "Flying Towards The New Horizon". And the song that sung by Quinn was “She is my Guide”.

In the same year, the guitarist – Kessier was proudly endorsed by Ibanez guitar, it would be a yet another honor to SERAPHIM. In 2007, The good news was to go from strength to strength, SERAPHIM continue get much more sponsors from many great brands, like Hughes & Kettner amplification, DiMarzio pickup, Mapex drums, Voodoo Lab stage control, Rexer wireless, Hercules stand, SIT strings, Celestion speakers & Budda effect pedals in succession.

However, first-class brand of company identify Seraphim that make them to become the endorsement pioneer in Taiwan. They started "Rising European tour" from Aug 07', they've palyed many great concerts there, Raismes Fest, MFVF5 and as a special guest with Kamelot in Holland. Seraphim has been playing an important role in the history of Heavy Metal, its members will devote themselves to the composition and continue the immortal legends of Melodic Power Metal. .

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