Strikemaster (MEX)

Strikemaster (MEX)
Commander Chávez (Drums), Captain Ricardo (Bass), Colonel Camou (Vocals, Guitar), Sargeant Diego (Bass), Polo (Bass)

Active from approximately early 1980 to 1992.

The band though not having gigged for over a decade still get together for jams about once a year. After disbanding, members have been seen in various bands - Frontman Steve Elliot was until recently playing in local rock band 'The Roadhouse Rebels', Guitarist Paul Cullen in 'Unlawful Assembly' and Drummer Brian Desmond played mandolin in various Irish bands after injuring his back. Although often listed in discographies, an EP called 'Misguided Desires' was never released.

Instead it was expanded and released as the full-length album 'Play It Loud' in 1989 (self-released on cassette-only) . Compilation tracks: "So Many Faces" and "Your Time Has Come" from "Attack From Downunda" Jayrem, 1986. The band reformed in July 2008 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of long-running NZ metal show "The Axe-Attack" run by longtime friend and supporter Paul "The Axeman" Martin. This may lead to more gigs in the future..

6 months jamming in a tiny bedroom in Houghton Bay Wellington finally culminated in a set of rock/blues based material that was launched on to the Wellington pub scene.With a dynamic light show and a tight rocking/ragey set, the band quickly established a strong following, packing pubs throughout Wellington, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa. A live concert at the old Ascot theatre in Newtown was recorded by Jayrem Records which became Strikemasters first album,Good n Ready. Produced by the late Ian Morris at Marmalade Studios,the album was an acclaimed success,propelling the band on to TV appearances and a nationwide tour. The band continued to gig and record for another 5 years,constantly writing new material. Support acts for rock legends Motorhead and Uriah Heep cemented Strikemaster as one of the top rock acts in the country. The changing dynamic of the Wellington live music scene eventually forced the band to call it quits in the early 1990s. All the members followed other musical pursuits and would get together to play the odd festive occasion But there was always the lingering feeling that the band had unfinished business. A wealth of material had remained unrecorded and a bond of camaraderie meant that Strikemaster would rear its head again. A request to play at The Rocks Paul Martins Axe Attack party in Auckland 2008 soon had the band jamming again and rekindled the desire to get the show back on the road 2012 has seen the band back in the practice rooms, writing a batch of new material and honing favourites from the past. The unfinished business is to be completed. A quality studio album is the bands priority.

Strikemaster formed in 1980 with the expressed intention of playing a set of 100% original material.