Giftsvamp (Keyboard [since 2004], ex-Nordlicht), Skrik (Vocals, Bass [since 2011]), Lindwurm (Guitar [since 2004], ex-Nordlicht), Humla (Guitar [since 2010]), Torhall (Vocals, Bass [2004-2009]), Hök (Guitar [2005-2009]), Somna (Drums [2004-2009]), Hemskalf (Vocals, Guitar [2009-2010]), Fenrir (Drums [2009-2010])

SVARTBY's CHRONICLES 2003 - Giftsvamp starts playing keyboards after a 4-year break – with thoughts of dark magical creatures.

So echoes of melodies were born. - Brutal death band NORDLICHT (Giftsvamp – bass, Lindwurm - guitars) get acquainted with a rock-n-roll band RROLL and future SVARTBY frontman Torhall. 2004 - Melodies become songs, ideas become lyrics - Lindwurm and Giftsvamp quit NORDLICHT and SVARTBY is formed in June. - Hemskalf is employed to sing clear vocals and be the second guitar - Torhall joins the band in August - Somna joins the band in October, 10 2005 - First demo-EP “Kom I Min Kittel” recorded in February - SVARTBY’s first gig in June - Hemskalf leaves SVARTBY in October - Hök joins SVARTBY in October, 10 - First SVARTBY gig with Hök in October, 28 2006 - SVARTBY starts recording debuting album - Great gig activity 2007 - First gig outside Saint-Petersburg in June. SVARTBY becomes a touring band - “Kom I Min Kittel” album, devoted to witches of the Black Village, is released at FONO Records in July - SVARTBY records new 5-song “Tomte” EP. - “Tomte” EP is available for free downloading in November, 28 - “Skogens Ursinne” song is included into “Pagan Battle Tunes” compilation cd. 2008 - Kom I Min Kittel album is released in Europe by Trollzorn label in February. - SVARTBY is signed at Trollzorn in July - The band records new album “Riv, Hugg och Bit”, devoted to the dwarves of the Black Village 2009 - “Humus” song is included into Metal Hammer's “Battle Metal VIII” compilation cd. - Hök,Torhall and Somna leave the band to play their newly-born groove metal project "Free At Last" - Fenrir becomes new drummer - ”Riv, Hugg och Bit” is released at Trollzorn label in August, 29 2010 - Skrik becomes new frontman/bass. - Humla joins Svartby as a second guitar - After a small Russian tour, Fenrir quits the band to dedicate himself to his family - Free promo-EP "Scum from Underwater" for the 3rd album is released in June 2011 - Skrik is fired from the band for not attending rehearsals and showing little interest to the band's activity - SVARTBY records 3rd album "Elemental Tales", devoted to elemental imps.

Parts of vocals, bass and drums are recorded by guest musicians. - After numerous auditions, SVARTBY chooses Gnofkes for vocals and aZ for bass 2012 - "Elemental Tales" is released at Trollzorn label in February, 17 2013 - "Karl's Egg Farm" EP is released in the Internet in December, 25. By the band's tradition, it's a teaser to the 4th album and it's dedicated to the swamp theme. 2014 - Woopzy who joined the band in Autumn 2013 as a session drummer becomes a constant part of the band..

We sing about wild magical creatures living in Svartby (the imaginary Black Village) - witches, imps, dwarfs - definitely unkind to human folk, but at the same time merry, nature-loving and nice living beings with a good sense of humor. The lyrics are in Swedish/English. Discography: * 2005 — Kom I Min Kittel (EP/demo), web-release * 2007 — Kom I Min Kittel (LP), ФОНО/Trollzorn * 2007 — Tomte (EP), web-release * 2009 — Riv, Hugg och Bit (LP), Trollzorn * 2010 — Scum from Underwater (EP), web-release * 2012 — Elemental Tales (LP), Trollzorn * 2013 — Karl's Egg Farm (EP), web-release Compilations: * 2006 — Legacy of Metal pt.2 (PMG), song Skogens Ursinne * 2007 — Pagan Battle Tunes vol.1 (Trollzorn/Einheit), song Skogens Ursinne * 2009 — Pagan Battle Tunes vol.3, (Trollzorn/CCP Records), song Humus * 2009 — Battle Metal vol.VIII (MetalHammer), song Humus

Svartby is a merry & brutal folk metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Stream listening, FREE downloading of all discography and/or donating available here - click MUSIC! ------>