The Day Everything Became Nothing

The Day Everything Became Nothing
Tony Forde (Vocals Blood Duster, The Kill (AUS), ex-Entasis), Martin Evans (Drums), Dave Hill (Guitar Fuck... I'm Dead, Shallow Grave), Xavier Irvine (Bass), Dean Engert (Guitar), Kody Abrams (Vocals)

The Day Everything Became Nothing (TDEBN) was conceived in an export warehouse in 2001 by Dave Hill, Dean Engert, and Martin Evans.

Xavier Irvine and Tony Forde were recruited shortly after. TDEBN has amassed a healthy catalogue of recordings, including 3 albums, 1 EP, a split 7" and perhaps the world's first goregrind itunes single. All recordings have been supported by countless shows around Australia and a North American tour in 2008, which included an appearance at Maryland Deathfest.

The band is currently working on material for it's 4th album..