The Exploited

The Exploited
Irish Bob (Bass Since 2007), Matt McGuire (Guitar Since 2009), Walter David Buchan aka "Wattie" (Vocals Founder Member), William Buchan (Drums Since 1996), Mark "Smeeks" Smellie (Bass [1987-1993]), Dave "Davey" Peggie (Bass [2002-2003]), Robbie "Steed" Davidson (Guitar [2001-2007] Certain Death), "Big John" Duncan (Guitar [1980-1983]), Mikie (Bass [2003-2007]), Jamie Buchan (Guitar [1995-1996]), Steve Hayboy (Guitar [1979-1980]), Glen "Dru Styx" Campbell (Drums [1981-1982]), Tony Lochiel (Bass [1986-1987]), Billy Dunn (Bass [1983-1984] and [1996-1997]), Mark Patrizio (Bass [1979-1980]), John "Deptford" Armitage (Bass [1985-1986] ex-UK Subs), Fraser "Fraz" Rosetti (Guitar [1991-1995]), Arthur "Arf" Dalrymple (Guitar [1990] ex-Oi Polloi), Jim "Jimbo" Park (Drums [1979]), Gary McCormack (Bass [1980-1983]), Karl "Egghead" Morris (Guitar [1983-1985] ex-Broken Bones), Danny Heatley (Drums [1982]), Gav (Guitar [2007-2008]), Wayne Tyas (Bass [1984-1985]), Jim Gray (Bass [1993-1996]), Gordon "Gogs" Balfour (Guitar [1989-1991]), Tony Martin (Drums [1989-1991]), Nigel "Nig" Swanson (Guitar [1987-1989]), Mad Mick (Guitar [1985])


Ok this is the only official exploited page on Facebook!! If you want to hear news from the band or ask them questions, this is where to do it. We will post up our tour videos and pictures here. Album info and tour dates as we get them. Anything you want to know feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them for you Cheers and all the best from THE EXPLOITED!!!

THE ONLY OFFICIAL EXPLOITED PAGE !! we all live in edinburgh scotland and have been making our fucked up sound for over 40 years and we still love it!!!