Virus IV

Virus IV
Samuel Arkan (Guitar Samuel Arkan's Origins, Epysode), Christophe Babin (Bass Headline, Vital Breath), Magali Luyten (Vocals Over Us Eden, Beautiful Sin, Frameshift, Rooky, Spirittales, Samuel Arkan's Origins, Ayreon, Epysode), François Brisk (Drums Vital Breath), Renaut Van Oeyen (Guitar Spirittales)

One of the biggest and most challenging new acts in 2008 is the power metal band: VIRUS IV, founded by Samuel Arkan in 2006 with the talented vocalist Magali Luyten of Beautiful Sin fame or the lastest Ayreon album « 01011001 ».

"Dark Sun" is the debut album from this outfit. On this record however, she proves a true team player adding her talents to the immaculate classic metal of her band companions.

The band shows their affection for true power metal from the American continent, reminiscent to good old Vicious Rumors, Annihilator, Warrior and Warlord, injected with the new found élan of European metal acts like At Vance and Hammerfall. On top the band has been fuelled by the driving force and nu grooves of acts like Disturbed and Oomph! Meaning; it is melodic hard driving metal with a forceful drive! VIRUS IV has a mega melodic music and atmosphere, sometimes gothic with supporting keyboard colouring the mood or jazzy schematics with some great percussion work.

All with intense power and lots of drama, the music of the band sounds from the school of Rammstein with marching riffs over a forceful stomping marching beat, and floating bridge leads powers up the dark and gloomy ambiance. Magali Luyten with her own band simply matches the powerful songs to her ditto voice.

Guitarist Samuel Arkan wrote the tracks and delivers some top notch guitar work as well on this debut. His riffing is loud and powerful, offering the strength needed for this band, whilst his solos are short edgy and never out of order.

Bass player Renaut Van Oeyen fills the gaps between guitars and drums with some good and solid (progressive) playing building a wall of sound. François Brisk’s drumplaying is absolutely magnificent; powerful, with lots of breaks and thunderous double bass work.

It simply all fits together perfectly. .