Zemial (GRC)

Zemial (GRC)
Archon Vorskaath (Vocals, All instruments [since 1989], Agatus, Crimson Moon, ex-Nocturnal Death, ex-Equimanthorn, ex-Nocternity (GRC), ex-Varathron), Eskarth The Dark One (Guitar live member, Agatus, Raven Black Night, ex-Kawir), Scorpios (Bass [since 2008], live member, Acherontas, Crimson Moon, Melechesh, Possession Ritual, Sabnack, ex-Ancient (GRC), ex-Demoncy, ex-Dethroned), George Antipatis (Guitar [since 2011], live member, Astral DNA, Sickening Horror, The Circle Of Zaphyan), Themis Tolis (Drums live member, Rotting Christ, ex-Varathron), Jarro Raphael (Bass live member, Coffin Lust, Impious Baptism, Nocturnal Graves, Sithlord, ex-Crucifire, ex-Aphasia, ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Destruktor, ex-Cerekloth), Therthonax (Bass live member, Kawir, ex-Nocturnal Death), Draconis (Bass live member, Infinity, Paratyfus), Ralf Strzalka (Guitar live member, Horrizon, Stigmatized)

Founded in 1989 under the command of multi instrumentalist Vorskaath in Athens — Hellas.

Throughout the last 20 years, Zemial have been Adversarial to accepted trends and choose to operate away from the mainstream, allowing the strength of their music and their concert performances to represent them. NYKTA - Zemial's most ambitious, experimental and technical work to date was released on the 31st of October 2013 and places Zemial firmly in the Avant-garde of Extreme Metal..

Zemial are the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Vorskaath. The meandering path of Zemial has encompassed diverse music styles ranging from epic heavy metal, to raw black-thrash, progressive rock, electronic soundscapes and avant-garde art music. Α - Ω Forward Sonic Experimentation and Noiz

The official webpage of the meandering musical entity that is Zemial.