Killing Gandhi

Killing Gandhi
Thorbjørn "ThunderBear" Jensen (Vocals), Martin Arendal (Guitar), Kasper Gram (Bass), Rasmus Schmidt (Drums)

Killing Gandhi is a Copenhagen-based melodic death metal band founded in 2013.

The band members are all experienced musicians having previously played in acts such as Myrkur, Manticora, Illdisposed and Wuthering Heights. Killing Gandhi mesmerized melodic death metal fans all over Europe with their debut album “Cinematic Parallels” which was released in 2015 through Norwegian metal label Crime Records. The album earned rave reviews, and the band was voted “Metal Act of the Year” at the 2015 “Bands of Tomorrow” awards show in Copenhagen – an event focusing on upcoming bands expected to make an impact on the Danish and international music scene. In early 2016, Killing Gandhi laid down some guide tracks for their second album, “Aspirations Of Failure” with the final recording, mixing and mastering of the album completed in early 2017. “Aspirations Of Failure” is a concept album about two men facing their own will to either succeed or fail in their personal and professional lives.

The story is based on a mixture of personal life experiences of Martin Arendal (Guitars) and fiction. When writing music, the band has a “no boundaries” dogma, creating what suits the moment and not leaning towards other albums.

This has made the songwriting on the new release even more powerful than on their debut album. The new album contains elements from several different metal genres, such as Dimmu Borgir inspired black metal passages, an aggressive Arch Enemy touch, and catchy choruses in the style of Children of Bodom and the early In Flames.

Even some Amon Amarth Viking vibes found their way onto the album. The vocals on this album have a broad spectrum with the lead singer (Thorbjørn Jensen) really showing his skills, variating from deep growls to solid mid-range and high aggressive screaming leaving the listener with the focus on the songs, not knowing what to expect for the next line. Again the band chose to use the leading Danish rock and metal producer Jacob Hansen behind the mixing desk, who has worked with acts like Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Týr and many others.

With Jacob Hansen at the helm, Killing Gandhi has added a new dimension to their music, achieving the perfect Melo-death sound the band was aiming for. With this new album, Killing Gandhi is ready to take a step up, win new fans and make an even bigger statement on the international metal scene..

Killing Gandhi is an award winning Danish melo-death band. Debut album "Cinematic Parallels" was released in 2015, only gaining top score reviews. Second album will be released through Massacre Records in February 2018!