Lasse Johansson (Bass), Jens Westberg (Drums), Peter Grundström (Vocals), Jan Åkesson (Guitar)

In August 1984 guitarist Jan Åkesson and singer Peter Grundström got to know each other after performing at the same show in different bands; Jan was lead guitar in Ravage and Peter was fronting Whitelight.

Their meeting led to the conclusion of Jan’s work with Ravage and he became a new member in Whitelight in the fall of the same year. Whitelight’s focus was melodic hard rock, initially influenced by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company and then by a ‘new wave’ of English, American and Canadian bands such as Whitesnake, Van Halen, Journey, Toto, Riot, Wrabit and Dokken. Whitelight played many gigs and produced many demos in search of that elusive record deal. After 3 years with Whitelight, in 1987, Jan decided to leave the band and went his own way to spread his wings with tougher, more guitar-oriented hard rock.

Peter stayed in Whitelight, who changed their name to Kee Avenue. Jan went on to form new bands Why Not, Perfect Stranger and Dr Blue, playing many very successful gigs and making several acclaimed recordings. Kee Avenue split up in 1991 after the bass player and the keyboard player left the band. After this final breakup Peter went on to play and sing with several different, mostly cover bands, though he kept on writing songs, always looking for the right project to showcase his talent. In 1994 Jan decided to step back from live performance to concentrate on writing and producing songs in his new studio on the emerging digital recording platforms that would soon come to dominate the music industry. Finally, 15 years after the two first played together, Jan decided to give Peter a call, thinking that it was time for a ‘reunion’.

A good meal and a few beers was the spark that lit a new beginning. The result was StoneLake..

StoneLake are a Melodic Progressive Metal Band from Furulund, Sweden. Their 10th Anniversary Album 'Monolith' has been taking the metal world by storm, with praise raining in from all corners of the global metal community.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a Metal band, StoneLake give us a special release titled ‘Monolith’ with a harder and more progressive style.