Jukka Hoffren (Bass), Mikko Sepponen (Guitar), Christian Palin (Vocals), Emil Pohjalainen (Guitar), Joonas Pykälä-aho (Drums), Chrism (Keyboard), Tommy Ahtila (Guitar), Risto Kupiainen (Keyboard)


EPICRENEL's main reason to exist has been from the very beginning to cherish the maybe most valuable and wonderful gift given to Man: Imagination. To give power and hope for the weak, to reward the strenghtened even further. To offer its listener a chance to shake off the cloak of "the current moment", to scan the horizon for lengthy exciting journeys in places desolate, spacious, haunting, ardent and marvellous alike. It's about tales of co-operation, perseverance and noble deeds. You name it. Though the songs's chronology and lyrics are defined to the very core, in the end it's YOU who paint the picture and decide where, and when something is to be happen. The amount of main characters and the routes they travel, that is decided by EPICRENEL. The rest is up to You. Let the journey begin...

With excellent reviews of their debut album The Crystal Throne, Epicrenel is a band you don't want to miss... Symphonic Adventure Metal at its finest!!!