Alexandra (Vocals), Jessica (Guitar, Back Vocals), Chris (Bass), Sarah (Drums), Melanie (Drums), Nadine (Bass, Back Vocals, Violin)

Coming from the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, shEver is not really a newcomer in the Doom Scene.

The band has even earned the respect from many big festivals including the Roadburn, Doom Shall Rise, Up in Smoke thanks to their first album, EPs and over 100 gigs. 2003 Jessica and Melanie founded shEver, soon after Nadine joined 2004 Line-Up completed with Alex, first demo “(You are) the mirror” 2007 Release debut-album “Ocean of illusions”, lineup-change on drums: Sarah replaces Melanie 2009 Release EP “A dialogue with the dimensions” 2010 Playing festivals as Roadburn, Doom Shall Rise, Doom Over Bielefeld 2011 Recording album “Rituals” 2012 Release “Rituals” through “TotalRust Music” on CD and “Svart Records” on LP, lineup-change on bass: Chris replaces Nadine 2013 Recording & releasing 10”-split-lp “Path of Death” on “Nocebo Records” 2014 Songwriting for new album, playing a variety of gigs with bands as Windhand/Inter Arma / Toner Low / YOB / Pallbearer 2015 Recording & releasing the album “Panta Rhei”, playing a variety of gigs with bands like Eagle Twin / Uzala 2016 Playing live, lineup-changement on drums: Heiko replaces Sarah 2017 Smaller Tours and Shows, songwriting 2018 Shows, recordings for „Waiting“ EP and Jörg replaces Chris.

shEver are a must hear for any fans of doom that dwell on the extreme side of the genre’s tracks. This is vicious, violent stuff but attentive listens reveal that this quartet love messing with melodies which other bands wouldn’t think of using. Panta Rhei is no doubt the band’s most accomplished and most intricate material to date and anybody that was already a fan shouldn’t hesitate to pick it up. If you’ve been holding out on hearing shEver, then this is a great place to start. Badass fuckin’ band all around!

shEver is all about sludgy brew of Death Doom Heaviness. Crushing riffs, crawling rhythm, hate-drenched vocals and a melody that creates unique trance-inducing atmosphere...