Black Messiah

Black Messiah
Garm (Bass [since 2006]), Agnar (Keyboard [since 2006]), Ymir (Guitar [since 2012]), Mike "Brööh" Bröker (Drums [since 2006], ex-Neon Sunrise), Frangus (Guitar [since 2010]), Zagan (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin [since 1994], ex-Ninnghizhidda), Reverend Heidenbluth (Drums [1994-1996]), Drahco (Bass [2004-2005]), Hrym (Keyboard [2004-2006]), Meldric (Guitar [2004-2012]), Surthur (Drums [2004-2006]), Zoran Novak (Guitar [2004-2010], ex-Stormgarde), Frohnleichnahm (Guitar [1994-1996]), Evgeniy Shestopalov (aka Nabahm) (Drums [1997-2001], ex-Goat Of Mendes, ex-Inanna Unveiled, ex-Shining Of Kliffoth), Niörd (Bass [2005-2006])

Founded in 1992 as a pure black metal band Black Messiah´s sound changed more and more into Pagan/Viking metal.

Black Messiah convinced also with their live performances in and out of Germany. They played for example: Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, Rock Harz, Fiesta Pagana (CH), Summer Nights Festival (AT), Cernunnos Pagan Fest (F)....and many more !!! Discography: 1998 Sceptre of black knowledge (Last Episode) 2005 Oath of a warrior (Einheit Produktionen) 2006 Of myths and legends (AFM Records) 2009 First war of the world (AFM Records) 2012 The final journey (AFM Records) 2013 Heimweh (AFM Records) 2017 Walls of Vanaheim (Trollzorn/SMP Rec.).