Bob Catley

Bob Catley
Bob Catley (Vocals Magnum, ex-Hard Rain), Vince O'Regan (Guitar), Mike Dmitrovic (Guitar), Murray Daigle (Guitar), Gary Hughes (Bass, Keyboard), Sean Gregory (Bass), Al Barrow (Bass Magnum, ex-Hard Rain), Dennis Ward (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, ex-Dezperadoz), Magnus Karlsson (Keyboard Primal Fear, Allen - Lande, Last Tribe, Midnight Sun (SWE), Planet Alliance, The Codex), Kyle Lazenka (Drums), Dirk Bruinbenberg (Drums), Paul Hodson (Keyboard ex-Al Atkins), Irvin Parratt (Keyboard)

Bob Catley is the lead vocalist with Magnum as well as being a successful solo artist and one of the guest vocalist on Avantasia.


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