A Forest Of Stars

A Forest Of Stars
Mister Curse (Vocals [since 2007], The Water Witch), Mr T.S. Kettleburner (Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals [2007-2011] [since 2013], Hvíldarlauss Dauðr, The Water Witch, ex-Electric Mud Generator, ex-Tangaroa), The Gentleman (Drums, Keyboard, Percussions [since 2007], The Water Witch, ex-Electric Mud Generator), Mr John "The Resurrectionist" Bishop (Drums, Percussions [since 2009], ex-Diascorium), Mr. Titus Lungbutter (Bass [since 2011]), Katheryne "Kati" Stone (aka Queen Of The Ghosts) (Vocals, Flute, Violin [since 2007], The Water Witch, ex-My Dying Bride), Mr William Wight-Barrow (Guitar [since 2014], Mountains Crave), Sir Gastrix. Grinshaw (Guitar [2011-2013]), Henry Hyde Bronson (Vocals, Guitar [2011-2014], ex-Electric Mud Generator, Duncan Evans)


The year is 1896. The members of the Gentleman's Club of A Forest Of Stars, an exclusive brotherhood of English Victorians, consider themselves to be exponents of their glorious and pompous, at times decadent era characterized by extreme opposites. A Forest Of Stars channel the experiences gained from their numerous meetings hazed by opium and absinthe, occult rites and séances in the form of a previously unheard-of ghostly and hypnotic music, filled with the spirit of the glorious Victorian Age – a harrowing testimony of their many spiritual and sensual excesses. For all enquiries please contact: information@aforestofstars.co.uk

For ALL gig booking enquires please email booking@aforestofstars.co.uk : For any other enquires please email information@aforestofstars.co.uk