A New Dawn

A New Dawn
Peter Groen (Bass [since 2010], ex-Vanadis), Lucy Straates (Vocals [since 2012], ex-Vanadis), Elbert de Hoog (Guitar [since 1997], ex-Imp, ex-Skintag, ex-Mental Captivity), Luc van der Berge (Drums [since 2012], ex-Warclash, ex-Bad Temper, ex-Cadia, ex-Eksodya, ex-Fist Of Fury, ex-John Doe Identity, ex-Sick Mission), Elkie Both (Vocals [since 2012]), Michiel Glas (Guitar [since 2008], ex-Asthenia), Peter van Toren (Drums X-tinxion), Jamila Ifzaren (Vocals [2007-2011]), Michel van Beekum (Bass ex-Elizium, Snow), Mike v.d. Heuvel (Vocals [2010-2013]), Willem Cremer (Guitar Six Eleven, ex-Dark Days Sanity), Josta Kluiters (Vocals), Alysia van Horik (Vocals [2010-2012]), Rik Bruineman (Drums [2008-2011]), Sanne Kluiters (Vocals ex-Slander, ex-Infinite Dawn), Monica Janssen (Vocals, Bass X-tinxion), Gijsbert Spek (Drums)

Double Fronted Metal Sensation: A New Dawn 'A New Dawn' is an eclectic metal band that has two leading ladies who are, just like the music, the musical opposites of each other. You have the blond, sweet and caring girl versus the dark, strong and nightcrawling woman. People sometimes like to drasticly change their daily routines; do the complete opposite. 'A New Dawn' does that ... 'A New Dawn' is yin-yang, day-night, sun-moon, love-hate and everything in between.

'A New Dawn' is ... eclectic. The metalsound of 'A New Dawn' isn't like the other sounds you hear.

'A New Dawn' has their own idea of making metal music. All the bandmembers come from different genres in music and this reflects in the unique sound of 'A New Dawn'.

It's all different styles of music with a solid metal base. The show of 'A New Dawn' is a must-see. Wherever you look, there's always something happening on stage. 'A New Dawn' is your guarentee for an outstanding show, great musicians and a brute metal sound. Enjoy this metal sensation! Let us know how you want to change your life or how you want to live your life.

Have you ever wanted to do something completely different with your life, job, relationship, friendships or your family? Let us know and we will talk about our lives, hobbies, frustrations, things we love to do ... and maybe we will use your story as an inspiration for our music. Let's inspire each other! Discography: A New Dawn (1997) 1.

Reign Will Fall 2. Idle Illusions 3.

I Will Rember 4. Once Solemn 5.

Wall Of Emotions The Wisdom Of Hindsight (2004) 1. The Wisdom Of Hindsight 2.

Kissed Goodbye 3. Eagle 4.

Last Dawn 5. Victimless Tragedy Promo 2006 (2006) 1.

Ascension 2. Victimless Tragedy 3.

Darkness Falls Falling From Grace (2008) 1. Black Lotus 2.

Living Lie 3. Veil Of Charity 4.

Darkness Falls 5. The Wisdom Of Hindsight 6.

Prelude To A Farewell 7. Kissed Goodbye 8.

Victimless Tragedy 9. Winter 10.

Descending (Ascension Part II) 11. Ascension (Part III) A World Of Sirens (Compilation) (2008) 2CD compilation by Sonic Cathedral.

1. Veil Of Charity (previously unreleased version) Hindsight 2005-2007 DVD (2008) Documentary: "Recording 'Falling From Grace'" Live video's: 1.

Darkness Falls 2. Ascension (part III) 3.

Veil Of Charity Picture Gallery: "A New Dawn 2005-2007" Subtitles: English Encoding: PAL Running time: 50 minutes approx. Finally...

EP (2010) 1. Desire 2.

Masque of the Red Death 3. Final Verdict .

A New Dawn is an awesome new metal band from: The Netherlands. They combine standard metal licks with a touch of blues and front it all with 2 singers for amazing harmonies.