Chris "Warhead" Demydenko (Drums [since 1995], ex-Warhead (USA), ex-Bitter Peace, ex-Immolith), Brian "Ciemnosc" Gawaski (Guitar [since 2005], Abysmal Gates, Beyond The Flesh, The Ciem Show, ex-Funebrarum, ex-Shadows Of Dawn), Joe Aversario (Bass [since 2013], Death Fortress, Eternal Fuzz, Massive Retaliation, Senobyte, Siege Column, ex-Dethroned Emperor, ex-Misanthropy Legion, ex-Angelcide), Dario "Crom" Derna (Vocals, Keyboard [1997-1999], Krohm, Ritual Chamber, Vetus Obscurum, ex-Infester, ex-Mephitium, ex-Threnodist, ex-Drawn and Quartered, ex-Evoken, ex-Funebrarum), Dave "Nyarlathotep" Wagner (Bass [1995-2013], Warhead (USA), Evoken, ex-Mephitium, ex-No Restraints, ex-Funebrarum), Ravana (Guitar, Keyboard [1996]), Demonic (Guitar [2004]), Daryl "Morgul" Kahan (Vocals, Guitar [1997-2008], Funebrarum, ex-Mephitium, ex-Taste Of Fear, ex-Disma, ex-Ordo Inferus, ex-Power Of Expression), Boris von Faust (Vocals [2000-2003]), Nihilist (Vocals [2004-2012], Slumber Room, Vetus Obscurum, ex-In Memorium (USA), ex-Thy Infernal, ex-Wraithen, ex-Lord Gore, ex-Murdergod, ex-Fall Of The Bastards), Diabolis (Vocals, Guitar [2001-2002]), Cythrall (Guitar [1997-1999]), Mike Boyce (Guitar [2000-2001], ex-Disciples Of Mockery, ex-Bloodthrone, ex-Engorge), Cullen "Maelstrom" Toner (Vocals, Guitar [2006-2014], Angelcide, ex-Morbid Remains, ex-Whorde, ex-Abysmal Gates, ex-Grafvolluth, ex-Necrofog)

Few things define the American black metal aesthetic as well as Abazagorath’s 19 year reign.

Formed in 1995, ABAZAGORATH reflects the initiates' deepest fantasies of hatred, war, melancholy, darkness, evil, the occult and death. Abazagorath is one of the first (and longest lasting) bands of the United States Black Metal movement.

Driven by founding member Warhead's inner demons, savage drumming and a fiercely satanic agenda, Abazagorath has delivered a varied and dynamic approach on each of our releases. Highlights of the band's storied career include the highly influential "Tenebrarum Cadent Exsergemus" 1997 debut album, the cult blasphemous follow up "Sacraments of the Final Atrocity," tours in 2004 (Europe with Demoncy and Krieg) and 2011 (The eastern U.S.

with Proclamation and Ipsissimus), and various EPs, demos, and chaotic live performances. With the band's self-titled EP and tours/shows across the U.S.

in 2011 and 2012, Abazagorath ended a 6 year studio and live hiatus and returned with a redefined sound darker, more technical, and mature than the majority of their USBM counterparts. The covens next opus "The Satanic Verses” may deliver their most controversial and blasphemous release yet.

Abazagorath will continue to fuel the darkness and innovation of the American black metal legacy. www.abazagorath.bandcamp.com www.reverbnation.com/abazagorath https://twitter.com/Abazagorath666 .

After years of hiatus, Abazagorath has returned in full force.