Exorcist (Guitar), Dagoth (Drums Demonification, ex-Abattory), Imprecator (Bass), Crucifer (Vocals)

Abhorer was formed in 1987 from the ashes of Perfidious.

They are known to be one of the oldest Singaporean Black/Death Metal as long as Nuctemeron, Dread, Crucifucktor, Cemetry and Thartarus. During 1989, they released their first demo entitled "Rumpus Of The Undead".

At this time, the line-up was Crucifer on vocals, Exorcist on guitars, Corpse Grinder on bass and Tomb Crusher on drums. They were the first Singaporean band to use pseudonyms.

The demo was later reissued on Decapitated Records as a split vinyl with the Japanese Death Metal band Necrophile. In 1993, Abhorer released the "Upheaval Of Blasphemy" 7"EP on Shivadarshana Records.

In 1996, they released their debut full length album on digipack CD on the same label, titled "Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt". They disbanded some time later.