Aborted Fetus

Aborted Fetus
Alexander "Meatgrinder" Chernishev (Vocals, Guitar Cursed (RUS), Sarcophagus, ex-Act Of God (RUS), ex-Groth (RUS)), Sergey Doc (Bass [since 2014], Orthodox), Igor (Vocals [since 2014], Lethality, ex-Skii, ex-Tartar), Hammer (Drums [since 2014], Ill Omened, Inhein, Offalmincer, Synergism Of Humanity, ex-Inferius Torment, ex-Pseudogod, ex-Vorongrai, ex-Black Warrior, ex-Machette), Iliya "Reanimator" (Guitar Offalmincer, ex-Social Deformity, ex-Pogost), Alex (Guitar [2003-2006], Incarnate (RUS), Royal Cunt), Alexander "Implant" (Vocals Dormant Carnivore, Lethality, ex-Groth (RUS)), Igor "Mazum" (Guitar), Semen (Bass [2006-2007], Estebun, Lethality, ex-Vorongrai), Dmitriy "Ash" (Guitar ex-Pogost), Roman Kozodoy (Bass [2008-2014], Dormant Carnivore), Alexander Hahalkin (Guitar), Andrew (Drums Undercroft, Skii, ex-Lethality), Dan "Grindcrusher" (Vocals)


Discography: 2000 World of Bleeding 2001 Intestinal Crisis 2002 Murder and Rape Your Flesh 2003 Splitted Alive (Split with Incarnate) 2004 Excoriating Abdominal Emanation (Split with Mdk,Necropsy) 2005 Devoured Fetuses (EP) 2006 Goreconception Reality (Split with Cumshot,Scybala,Mortalized) 2008 Goresoaked Clinical Accidents 2010 Fatal Dogmatic Damage 2012 Goresoaked Clinical Accidents (Reissue) 2014 Private Judgment Day 2015 Early Years of Decay 2017 The Art of Violent Torture

New Album "The Ancient Spirits Of Decay" 11 May 2018 Comatose Music Label