Björn Frommberger (Vocals, Guitar [since 2009], The Abydos Shelter, ex-Traumatic Defilement), Kevin Petersen (Vocals [since 2014], Slowly Rotten, ex-Hypnotic, ex-Rotten Abscess), Rob Herman Arndt (Drums [since 2014], ex-Pighead), Lars Torlopp (Bass, Programming [since 2009]), Haaki (Drums [2010-2013]), Tom Swasthik (Vocals [2012-2014], Enocor, The Oklahoma Kid), Flo (Guitar [2011-2012]), Pat (Guitar [2011])

Discography 2011 - The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest (Rising Nemesis Records) 2013 - When Mutation Becomes Homicidal (Rising Nemesis Records) 2014 - Dishonor (Rising Nemesis Records) Touring Bio: Slam Heavy Weight Championship Tour - May 2013 (with Epicardiectomy (CZ) & Vulvectomy (IT)) West Coast USA Tour - June 2013 (with Pighead (GER)) Slam Violence Tour 2014 - September/October 2014 (with Cerebral Incubation (US) & Dynamite Abortion (CH)) European Extinction Tour - April 2015 (with Ingested (ENG) & Slaughter To Prevail (RUS)).

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