Ad Inferna

Ad Inferna
V. N. Aboriim (Drums ex-De Profundis (FRA)), Vicomte Vampyr Arkames (Vocals ex-Morning Rise, ex-Seth), Asphodel (Vocals Pin-Up Went Down, ex-Nowonmai, ex-Penumbra, Howdy Effect, ex-Lands Of Past), Mr. Hyde (Bass), V. Orias A. (Guitar, Keyboard, Programming ex-De Profundis), Vicomte Vampy (Vocals), Baalberith (Bass), Cyril "Sadneth" Planard (Vocals Lachesis, Machiavel, ex-De Profundis (FRA), ex-Old Legend, ex-Funerarium), Dorian (Keyboard), As-Mody (Keyboard ex-De Profundis), In Vein (Vocals ex-De Profundis), Lord Caedes (Bass)

L'Empire des Sens (Last Episode, Silverdust / M10 - 2001) Trance N Dance (Aural Music / Audioglobe CD - 2009) DSM (Nilaihah Records CD - 2010) There Is No Cure (Nilaihah Records CD - 2011) Ultimum Omnium (DSM Music / Audioglobe CD - 2012) Im Mortelle (DSM Music / Audioglobe CD - 2013) Opus 7: Elevation (Advoxya Records CD - 2014).

The Official Facebook Page of the french band AD INFERNA The unclassifiable band AD INFERNA unveils an intimistic and very personal part of their soul. Their trip into space takes us where the reason ends & where the madness begins. Magic, bewitching, disturbing and so sensual, their music won’t leave you indifferent.

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